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No more drone-flying at weddings, parties in Jaipur without police permission

In Jaipur, four of these categories are now banned. Only nano drones can be used that too with prior police permission.

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September 13, 2023, 4:22 pm

drone jaipur ban

Ban on drones in Jaipur.

JAIPUR: Drone flying in Jaipur is now under strict regulation. The city’s police have prohibited the use of drones at events such as weddings and parties.

In the latest directive from the Additional Police Commissioner of Jaipur, Kunwar Rashtradeep, the only drones permitted in Jaipur will be nano drones. Even for these, operators must secure permission 24 hours prior to their flight.

The decision follows a notable increase in drone activity during various Jaipur events. There have also been reports of drones being used in criminal activities in different parts of the country. Security agencies have issued repeated advisories about potential drone-related threats, which played a part in shaping this directive.

Permitted TypeNano drones
Permission RequiredYes
Notice Period24 hours prior to flight
Height Limit50 feet (approximately 15 meters)
Restricted AreasCivil Lines, CM House, vicinity of the airport, courts, government buildings, etc.
Notification RequirementInform local police about intended location 24 hours in advance
Registration with DGCANot needed for nano drones
Security ClearanceNot needed for nano drones

As of August 25 2021, according to the DGCA, drones are categorized into five groups. In Jaipur, four of these categories are now banned. Only nano drones might receive authorization.

For those using drones in other parts of India, there are specific guidelines. Drones must be registered on the DGCA website, obtain a unique identification number, and secure an unmanned aircraft operation permit. Additionally, operators need security clearance from the Ministry of Home Affairs. In Jaipur, however, even with these clearances, drones cannot be operated except for the nano category.

Rashtradeep stressed the importance of these regulations for the safety and security of the city’s residents and visitors.

For those operating nano drones, they must notify the local police about their intended location 24 hours in advance and ensure the drone doesn’t exceed 50 feet (approximately 15 meters) and doesn’t enter restricted zones.

Specific areas in Jaipur, including the Civil Lines, CM House, the vicinity of the airport, courts, and all government buildings, are designated as no-fly zones for drones.

First published: September 3, 2023