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New cancer therapy centre to ease patient burden in Jaipur

Cancer therapy services at the State Cancer Institute in Pratap Nagar to brings a sigh of relief to cancer patients

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June 29, 2023, 11:53 pm

rajasthan state cancer institute

Rajasthan State Cancer Institute.

JAIPUR: Cancer patients in Jaipur can now breathe a sigh of relief as they will no longer have to endure a grueling 17-kilometer journey for therapy.

Sawai Mansingh Hospital (SMS), the only government facility offering cancer treatment in Jaipur, has been under immense pressure with just two radiotherapy machines catering to a large number of patients.

However, the introduction of cancer therapy services at the State Cancer Institute in Pratap Nagar brings a ray of hope for these patients.

Under the Chiranjeevi Bima Yojana, cancer patients in private hospitals have been granted easy and free access to treatment, providing them with some respite.

The commencement of investigations at the Cancer Institute is expected to alleviate the waiting time for patients. The existing radiotherapy machines at SMS Hospital will continue to function as usual officials said.

Previously, patients undergoing treatment at the State Cancer Institute had to endure a journey of 17 kilometers to reach SMS Hospital for therapy.

However, the government has initiated plans to establish a dedicated cancer therapy facility outside of SMS Hospital. The State Cancer Institute in Pratap Nagar will be the second government center in Jaipur to offer this therapy.

The institute has issued work orders to set up a linear accelerator machine with the assistance of private partners. The installation of the first machine is currently underway, and the second machine will follow in a few months.

To ensure a smooth process, the private partner has been instructed to initiate the necessary permission procedures from the Bhabha Atomic Center for the therapy.

Dr. Sandeep Jasuja, Superintendent of the State Cancer Institute, emphasized the significance of this development, stating that patients will now have access to all cancer-related treatment facilities under one roof.

This new cancer therapy center will substantially ease the burden on patients, providing them with convenient and comprehensive care.

First published: June 24, 2023