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Neighbor saves shop owner from armed robbery in Manak Chowk

Traders arrest two robbers. Country-made pistols, two live cartridges, and a knife recovered from accused.

December 6, 2018, 2:57 pm

Jaipur: A gang of four robbers posing as courier men entered a shop near Manak Chowk area of Jaipur in a broad daylight on Wednesday with an intention to rob the shopkeeper. The robbers were armed with guns. The local merchants showed bravery and resisted which led to the arrest of two of the robbers.

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The police recovered country-made pistols, two live cartridges, and a knife from the accused men. Two others managed to flee. The police have launched a search for them.

The four accused have been identified as Vinod Choudhary (27), a resident of Deeg in Bharatpur, Pankaj Jaipal (28), a resident of Jodhpur and their companions Monu and Kalyan Singh.

According to the police, the accused men entered the shop of Shishupal near Manak Chowk area of Jaipur on Wednesday, posing as courier men. The victim Shishupal runs a shop named ‘Hindustan Parcel Service’ in the region.

Shishupal was sitting with his relative Mukesh. The robbers struck a conversation with him. They then suddenly attacked him and started thrashing him and Mukesh. They bolted the shop door from inside and tied up the shop owner along with his relative.

After a while, one Kailash Choudhary, owner of a nearby shop came to the spot. He saw the doors closed and tried entering the shop. The accused men thrashed him too and attacked him with a knife. But Kailash fought back, due to which the accused tried to flee from the spot.

The local merchants along with Kailash chased the accused men. They caught two robbers and other two managed to flee. Merchants informed the police and handed over the criminals to them.

First published: December 6, 2018