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Negligence led to Aditi’s fatal fall from ICG building?

The girl fell from the rooftop of six-storey building.

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February 1, 2018, 4:46 pm

ICG student Aditi Sanghi

ICG student Aditi Sanghi (Image was provided by a friend).

Jaipur: Police officials said that they would investigate if there had been any negligence when a training session for zip-line riding was being held at ICG on Monday. A 16-year-old girl, Aditi Sanghi, was killed as she fell from the rooftop of the six-storey building. The girl’s father Sunil Sanghi was supervising the training session. Sunil is reportedly associated with a mountaineering academy in Jaipur and is an expert in related adventure sports. The girl’s father has said that the incident happened due to misfortune, according to an IIS University statement.

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A video showing the girl falling down went viral on social media channels. The video shows that several girls were being allowed to sit on the boundary wall of the rooftop. The girls on the rooftop were almost jostling with each-other in an attempt to see the girl who was descending the cable connecting the rooftop with the ground. There were no security arrangements as the girls were being freely allowed to watch and crowd the rooftop.


aditi with her friends

Aditi Sandhi (in red circle) with her friends. (Image was provided by a friend)

There was no railing to hold the girls away from the boundary.

Aditi was a second year BSc student at ICG.

She had trained under the supervision of her father Sunil and used to accompany him when he provided training sessions to students at many colleges in the city, ICG students told The PinkCity Post.

“As of now, it is an accidental fall,” said a police officer.

The Shipra Path police was informed by the police control room about the tragedy following which a team led by the SHO was immediately rushed to the spot. The girl died after the fall. She was first rushed to Metro Mass Hospital. She had sustained serious head injuries. The doctor declared her dead at the hospital. Her body was then taken to Jaipuria Hospital for a postmortem examination.

In a statement, the IIS University called Aditi’s death as an unfortunate incident. “Aditi Sanghi had done one demonstration and she was present on the terrace alongwith another instructor. During this, unfortunately, she became imbalanced and fell. As soon as the University administration got to know about it, it, alongwith her father, took Aditi Sanghi to Metro Mass hospital for treatment but unfortunately she died,” Dr. Rakhi Gupta, the registrar of the IIS University, was quoted as saying.

“Aditi’s father Sunil Sanghi is a trained instructor and every year, he gives mountaineering training to several students. His daughter was also a trained instructor. It has been established in the statement given by Aditi Sanghi’s father to the police that this incident happened due to misfortune. There is no involvement of the University administration in this,” Dr. Rakhi added.

Saying that Aditi was not wearing a harness at the time of the incident, the university blamed the incident on destiny. “Because she had completed her activity, her harness had opened. When she would have done the activity again, she would have again had the harness,” the statement read.


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First published: July 24, 2017