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Nahargarh Biological Park is now home to a hippo

August 13, 2019, 4:02 pm

hippo nahargarh biological park

Hippo that was brought to Nahargarh Biological Park.

Jaipur: The efforts of Nahargarh Biological Park administration have finally paid off. The park which is already drawing attention of domestic and international tourists due for housing a wide variety of wildlife animals is now home to a hippopotamus. The hippo was brought to Nahargarh from Delhi Zoo in an exchange program and will be kept secluded for 20 days before he is ready to enthral visitors.

The park administration has been trying to bring a hippo for the past several years. They were in talks with many zoo and wildlife sanctuaries; however the fresh efforts made by DFO Sudarshan Sharma finally paid off.

A team of Nahargarh Biological Park left with the hippo on Monday evening and reached Jaipur on Tuesday. The enclosure to keep the wild animal has already been prepared at the park. He will be kept in seclusion for about 20 days before the park visitors are allowed to see the animal.

“This is a male hippo. The female hippo will be brought to the park next week. In exchange, the Delhi zoo has got a pair of crocodiles and a wolf. No other zoo in Rajasthan has a hippo, so Nahargarh Biological Park will be the first one where people can see hippo. We believe that it will boost tourist footfall, particularly during the monsoon and winter seasons,” said DFO Sudarshan Sharma.

The hippo weights about 2.5 tons and is aged about 5 years.

First published: August 13, 2019
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