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Masala Chowk in Jaipur: All you need to know about this famous food destination

Many things have changed in The Pink City over the last 30 years including people’s choice of food. Now there are burgers joints and coffee houses. Amid all this, many of us still relish the indigenous and delicious food at some outlets which have been still running their business in the Walled City for decades.

September 1, 2018, 10:17 am

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Masala Chowk in Jaipur is offering most of the famous street foods of Jaipur

Jaipur: Jaipurites! You must have heard of Masala Chowk in Jaipur. Let’s discuss why we from Gen-Y should be proud of it. First let me guess, your parents must have told you how they used to bunk college and instead have Gulab Ji Ki Chai and enjoy Samrat's Samosa in the city. Many things have changed in The Pink City over the last 30 years including people’s choice of food. Now there are burgers joints and coffee houses. Amid all this gratification, many of us still relish the indigenous and delicious food at some outlets which have been running their business in the Walled City for decades. I remember that day when my father took me on a visit to his favorite places in Jaipur where he had spent most of his college days. It was really exciting for me to gorge on delicious dishes at these places. We had Gulab Ji ki Chai, Samrat’s Samosa, Mahaveer’s Rabdi and much more. It was a great experience for me, but it took us an entire day to experience these old street foods of Jaipur one by one. Due to the lack of time, I can’t go to these places often. But to my utter joy, I came across Masala Chowk at Ram Niwas Bagh (Garden) in Jaipur where one can enjoy all the popular dishes and street foods at one place. Masala Chowk is an ideal place for foodie spirits. You can enjoy mouth-watering dishes in the company of your loved ones, with lavish green gardens all around. You don’t have to travel to different places to experience the richness of street food from Jaipur. They all - - Mahaveer ki Rabdi, Bhagat Ke Ladoo, Samrat Ki Kachori, Omellete from Andewalaz and Dal Bati Churma - are present at Masala Chowk in Ram Niwas Garden. Let’s look at the 21 famous shops of Masala chowk. 1. Samrat It is known for its delicious Pyaaz Ki kachori with tamarind chutney. This place is running its business in the Walled City since 1965 at Chaura Raasta. This is still the favorite place for kachori and jalebi lovers. 2. Rama Kishana Kalkatti Chaat With the taste from Kolkata, they serve amazing Dahi Bada - Kalkatti Chaat with Dal Moong Ka Cheela. Their main outlet is near Secretariat which has been serving food to Jaipurites for the last 30 years and is famous for its mouthwatering chaat. 3. Gopal Singh Patasi Bhandar No function can be completed without gol gappas and this place in Jaipur is serving it for the last 60 years. They serve three bases of wheat, daal and sooji with the tangy masala. 4. Shankar Samosa Another famous name for samosa in the city is Shankar Ka Samosa. As the name suggests they serve Samosa as their special dish with Jaipuri flavours. They are running their outlet for the last 25 years in the Wallet City. 5. Sethani Ka Dhaba For the past 70 years, Sethani Ka Dhaba is serving delicious mouth-watering Rajasthani cuisine. Famous among them are Bejar Ki Roti, Makka Bajra’s Roti, Rajasthani kadi with varieties of spices. It was stated by Sethani ji and the legacy is still continued by her daughters. 6. Somilal’s Rawat Mishthan Bhandar Since 1856, the taste of sweets from Rawat Mishan Bhandar not changed. Its main outlet is in Chaura Raasta of Jaipur and is famous for Mishri Mawa, Gulab sakri and Rasgulla. 7. Indian Ice-cream Faluda It is one of the oldest brands of Jaipur serving lustrous faludas near Sarogi mansion of Jaipur since 1957. Don’t forget to enjoy the taste of different flavors of desserts here. Mixer faluda is their special item in which they blend kulfi, rabri and ice-cream with other secret ingredients. 8. Raman Dosawala Looking for the best Dosa in the city? Raman Dosawala is the perfect place for you. Here you will get all the varieties of south Indian Dosa with western fusions. They have their main outlet near Bagadiya Bhawan of Jaipur. The menu includes Pizza Dosa, Mysore Masala Dosa, Cheese Garlic Dosa and hundreds of mixes. 9. Shri Jharkhand Nath Poha And Chat With the main outlet located at Gandhi path of Vaishali Nagar, this Poha center will provide you with a variety of poha aand chaat dishes. Pav Bhaji is also famous among the people. They serve several fusions of chaats combined with different toppings. 10. Gulab Ji Chai Waale And here comes one of the oldest Chai centers of thethe city. Gulab ji Chai is originally located near Ganpati plaza on MI Road of Jaipur. They have been running their tea outlet for the past 70 years. Their masala tea served with Maska bun is the best in Jaipur. Jaipur’s trip is incomplete without having tea from Gulab Ji’s. 11. Delhi Chaat And Café With the taste and aroma from Delhi’s Chaandni Chawk , this place will serve you the best street food from Delhi in Jaipur. Their main outlet is in Adarsh Nagar of Jaipur. Their special items are Delhi Ke Kaale Chhole with Bhatura, fried Aloo chaat and much more. You can’t find any of these items with this taste in Jaipur. 12. Premprakash Samosa ‘Let’s go and have Golcha’s famous Samosa’! – is a famous phrase among food lovers in Jaipur. This is that place, serving samosas with lustrous masala for the past four decades at Golcha talkies of Jaipur. Kishanlal, who is working at this place for the last 40 years said that not only locals, but tourists also come here to enjoy samosa. 13. Wah! Banaa Their main outlet is near high court of the city where they serve Dahi bada and Gulab rabdi. The owner Wah! Banna Gopal singh said that they take orders on WhastApp also. Gulab Singh has been serving Rajputana dishes for the last 26 years. 14. Bhagat Mishthan Bandhar They serve the best laddus in Jaipur and are famous for its taste since 1957. Their main outlet is on MI road of Jaipur and other outlets are in Kishanpole bazaar and Vaishali Nagar. Come and experience the heavenly laddus with heritage touch of Jaipur at this place. Special items of this place are tempting Dhhodh and Boondi ke laddhu. 15. Brijwasi Faluda Kesar Kulfi Famous for its Brijwasi taste of faluda and kulfi, the shop is running from last 40 years in Chaar bazaar at the link road of Nehru Bazaar. Their special and most amazing item is Rabdi faluda and Kesar kulfi. These are must try desserts in the city, believe me. 16. Pawana Rajasthani Vyanjan If you’re in Rajasthan capital and want to try its traditional dishes like Dal Baati Churma with Gatta curry and special mirchi ke tapore than this is the place for you. Their main outlet is near Choki Dhani at Tonk road of Jaipur. 17. Jaipuri Chatkara This place offers all flavors of Jaipuri tangy spices. Your taste buds will be satisfied for sure if you have any of the items from here. Must try is its special chaat. 18. House on Fire The dishes of this place will set your taste buds on fire. The place is famous for its biryani and Galaouti kebabs. They serve the best non- veg food in Masala Chowk. 19. Andewalaz They have a wide range of Anda dishes. Ras omelllete and Anda pav bhaji are the most famous ones among them. Their main outlet is near Resonance institute at Gopalpura area of Jaipur. 20. G9 Ice Cream and Shakes There have a variety of fusions of ice cream and shakes. Appetizing Rajbhog ice-cream and Gulab jamun with ice-cream is a must try. They have been serving these exquisite desserts for the past 20 years in the city near Shashtri Nagar Shopping Centre. 21. Mahaveer Rabdi Bhandhar The place is famous for its special combo of Pyaaz Ki Sabzi with BejarKi Roti with special kesar rabdi. They have three outlets in the city with the oldest one in Kishanpole bazzar. Masala Chowk timing The timings of this famous hotspot at Ram Niwas garden in Jaipur is from 10 am to 10:30 pm. They charge Rs 10 as the entry fee per person.

First published: August 30, 2018
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