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Looking for BS-III vehicles in Jaipur? Well, dealers have run out of stock

Nearly 10,000 two-wheelers and 4,000 four-wheelers sold in Jaipur.

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April 2, 2017, 11:12 am

crowd bs -3 in Jaipur

People return disappointed from automobile showrooms on Fridays as dealers run out of stock. Image credit: Post Staff

Jaipur: Automobile dealers ran out of stock in Jaipur as people continued to queue up at their showrooms to buy two- and four-wheelers at a discounted price on Friday.

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Automobile dealers offered discounts up to Rs 20,000 on bikes and Rs 80,000 on cars after the Supreme Court banned sale and registration of BS-3 (BS-III) compliant vehicles from April 1. Only BS-IV compliant vehicles will be allowed to be sold. However, the court has allowed the registration of such BS-III vehicles provided the buyer shows proof of purchase before April 1.

People had to return disappointed from most automobile showrooms in Jaipur as dealers were already out of stock.

As an estimate, nearly 20,000 two-wheelers and an equal number of four-wheelers were sold in Rajasthan on Thursday. The number of two-wheelers and four-wheelers sold in Jaipur on Thursday was estimated to be 10,000 and 4,000 respectively.

Despite being told that showrooms were out of stock, customers refused to budge. It led to law and order situations at some showrooms as the police had to be called in.

Many dealers didn’t open their automobile showrooms on Friday fearing crowd.

A Honda dealer in Vaishali Nagar said that a crowd of buyers started gathering at the showroom before it opened this morning at 10 am.

“We had limited inventory of BS-III Activa and some bikes. They all got over within 40 minutes, he said.

Mahesh Kumar, a resident of Sodala said that he had been trying to buy a two-wheeler since Thursday afternoon without any luck.

“I went from one showroom to another, but they all seem to be out of stock,” said Mahesh.

First published: March 31, 2017