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Leopard sightings cause panic in Surya City residential area in Jaipur

A leopard has been spotted roaming the area for the past two days

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April 24, 2023, 2:54 pm

leopard moment bassi

Leopard sighted in Bassi near Jaipur.

JAIPUR: Panic has gripped the residents of Surya City on Agra Road in Bassi area, as a leopard has been spotted roaming the area for the past two days. The big cat has ventured out of the nearby Sylvan Park forest and has already killed two calves, causing further alarm among the community. The incident was captured by the neighbourhood’s CCTV cameras, which showed the two calves dying on the spot due to the leopard’s attack.

Upon discovering the dead calves in the morning, the owner raised an alarm. Locals were further frightened when they saw the leopard’s footprints near the carcasses. The Forest Department was informed multiple times, prompting a team to visit the site and confirm the leopard’s presence based on the paw marks.

CCTV footage from Saturday and Sunday morning revealed that two leopards had been roaming the colony on Saturday night, although no damage was reported on that night. Residents have urged authorities to capture the leopard from the forest within the colony and release it into a more distant forest to prevent any potential accidents.

Footage from Sunday night also showed two leopards in the area, although no harm was done. One leopard entered a house but left without causing any damage. Locals expressed concern about the risks posed by the leopards, as families often sleep outdoors with their children due to the extreme heat.

Regional Forest Officer II Bhagwan Sahay Chowdhary stated that the search for the leopards is underway, with efforts being made to ensure no further movement towards the residential area occurs.

First published: April 24, 2023