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Labourers struggle to register for migration online as Rajasthan eMitra website experiences downtime

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April 27, 2020, 6:22 pm

police flagmarch jaipur

Police flag march in Jaipur's Walled City area.

Jaipur: The eMitra website is experiencing downtime since Monday morning even as lakhs of labourers from other states living in Rajasthan tried to register for migration online. The state government has provided a link on the website, but the people said that they couldn’t access the registration page as the site was either loading very slowly or down throughout the day. The labourers said that when they tried to go to eMitra centres for registration in person, they run into cops who gave them a hard time even after a rational explanation for being out in public.

The Rajasthan government had formed a committee comprising of 19 IAS and IPS officers to help labourers migrate to their native places in 14 different states. The committee officials have been asked to coordinate with the governments of these states and ensure a hassle-free migration of the labourers.

The labourers have to register themselves. The government officials said that they can either call helpline number – 18001806127 – or register online on eMitra website, eMitra mobile app. Alternatively they can visit the eMitra centres closest to them in person.

After registering labourers, the Rajasthan government will get in touch with the government of the respective state for seeking approval for migration. The district collector will issue passes for specific date and time.

“I tried to register myself on eMitra portal, but the website was down throughout the day. I then tried to go to a nearby eMitra centre, but the policemen didn’t allow me to be out in public. The helpline number was busy. I don’t know what I am supposed to do now,” said Jitendra Chauhan, a resident of Mirzapur in Uttar Pradesh.

First published: April 27, 2020