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Janta Curfew successful in Jaipur; life comes to a standstill

March 22, 2020, 8:06 pm

corona janta curfew

Janta curfew in Jaipur: Walled City markets wearing a deserted look

Jaipur: The residents of Jaipur showed unprecedented unity and calm as they remained indoors throughout the day, honouring the Janta Curfew call made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. As the clock hit 5 in the afternoon, the people rang bells and banged on plates to honour the health workers who are risking their lives to cure Coronavirus patients.

Roads wore a deserted look throughout Jaipur. The shops, malls, temples, railway station, and bus stand – everything was closed. People were clicking photographs of their colonies and sharing them on WhatsApp.

people banging on plates
People banging on plates to honor health workers risking their lives to cure Coronavirus patients.

At 5 pm, people showed up in their balconies and terraces and banged on plates, showing their unity to defeat Coronavirus and prevent its spread. The doctors said that this may actually be effective in containing the effect of the virus in the state.

About two dozen flights were cancelled. All the trains were also cancelled since 4 am on Sunday. Since taxi drivers were supporting the Janata curfew, many people who were trying to reach home after arriving in Jaipur were left stranded.  

The number of Coronavirus cases have reached 27 in Rajasthan. Of them 13 were reported in Bhilwara. All the exit and entry roads leading to Bhilwara have been sealed. No vehicle movement is being allowed in and out of the town. The administration has already clamped curfew and the process to screen over 6,000 people is going on. A team of National Centre for Disease Control that works under the supervision of WHO and union health ministry reached Bhilwara on Sunday to take stock of the situation.

First published: March 22, 2020