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Jamwa Ramgarh: Leopard kills 2-year-old boy near Jaipur 

The boy, Karthik, was playing in the courtyard of their home while his mother was working nearby.

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February 11, 2023, 11:10 am

leopard jaipur

Leopard in Jaipur. File Photo.

JAIPUR: A tragic incident occurred in Jaipur, where a leopard attacked and killed a child playing near his home. Despite the desperate attempts of the mother to save the child, the leopard carried out the attack and fled the scene. This unfortunate event was the result of negligence on the part of the forest department, which failed to take proper measures to prevent such incidents.

The incident took place in the Jamwa Ramgarh area near Jaipur on a Friday evening. Balram Kumar, a resident of Vasna village, reported that his one-and-a-half-year-old son, Karthik, was playing in the courtyard of their home while his mother was working nearby.

Tragically, as Karthik was playing, a leopard entered the courtyard and snatched him away. The child’s mother heard the cries and immediately ran after the leopard, frantically trying to save her son. Upon hearing the commotion, nearby villagers also gave chase, but by the time they reached the jungle, the leopard had already inflicted serious injuries on the child.

The child sustained severe injuries from the attack, including deep wounds on the head and mouth. The marks of the leopard’s attack were distinct and evident on these parts of the body.

The child was discovered unconscious in the forest. Ranger Ramkaran Meena noted that the village is situated close to the Jamwaramgarh sanctuary area and it is likely that the leopard ventured into the village in search of food or water.

The forest employees of Rajasthan have been on a work boycott since February 6. The villagers are still living in fear following the recent incident. They reported feeling afraid to even leave their homes due to the lingering threat posed by the leopard.

First published: February 11, 2023