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Jaipur: Tunnel from Ramniwas Bagh to Jorawar Singh Gate proposed under Smart City Project

The DPR is expected to be completed by December.

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September 27, 2017, 7:12 pm

tunnel from jorawar singh gate to ramniwas bagh in jaipur

A tunnel from Jorawar Singh Gate to Ramniwas Bagh in Jaipur has been proposed under the Smart City Project. Representative image.

Jaipur: In a meeting held on Tuesday by the Smart City company board of Jaipur, a proposal to have an underground tunnel from Ramniwas Bagh to Jorawar Singh Gate has been approved. The tunnel will pave way for vehicles heading towards Delhi. The board officials presented this proposal to Smart City Company Chairman Manjeet Singh who approved it. Smart City Limited (JSCL) will now prepare the detailed project report (DPR) for this proposed tunnel. The project has been incorporated into the smart city mission.

The DPR is expected to be completed by December. The company will only prepare the report, however, will have little to do with the implementation of the project. This means that the starting of the project may still be a distant dream. Discussions regarding the costs and requirements for the project to become a reality have already begun.

The tunnel is expected to be made around 19 m beneath the road. This will, therefore, pass underneath the metro tunnel. The tunnel will have 2 lanes on either side and allow usage of heavy vehicles. The vehicles heading to Delhi can use this tunnel to their advantage. The DPR is expected to be completed after receiving a pre-feasibility report from the Jaipur Metro department.

While the idea of having a tunnel like this sounds great, there are certain facts which need to be considered before imagining that the project will be completed as expected. JSCL is the same company which was supposed to complete a 900 m long Heritage Walk from Kishanpole to Chaura Rasta, however, hasn’t been able to complete it for nearly 3 years. The officials of the same company had planned multi-storey parking in the city about 4 years ago, however, haven’t been able to complete this either.

A proposal to construct a pathway along the boundaries of Talkatora Lake has also been approved by the board. Tenders are expected to be invited soon for the same. JSCL has also decided to provide funds to the sports council to renovate cycle velodrome at SMS stadium. The company has been criticised in the past for delays by ministers and even the mayor of the city hence it remains to be seen if the new plans can materialize soon or not.

First published: September 27, 2017