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Jaipur sees surge in demand for flats with more rooms due to rising work-from-home culture

Builders in Jaipur are now concentrating on marketing flats based on the number of rooms they offer.

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May 5, 2023, 10:08 am

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JAIPUR: Jaipur residents are increasingly seeking flats with additional rooms, prompting builders to modify existing floor plans.

As a result, the city has approved the construction of 42 buildings in the past seven months, with 26 multi-storey structures adopting this new concept.

The shift in preference is attributed to a growing demand for extra rooms and the rise in work-from-home culture, primarily among middle-class families.

Builders are now concentrating on marketing flats based on the number of rooms they offer, with most of the new constructions being 5-7 storey buildings.

A builder explained that due to escalating land costs and changing customer needs, builders cannot drastically increase flat rates. Instead, they must adapt to the evolving demands by increasing the number of rooms within the same space.

Previously, 2 BHK flats covering 700 sq ft typically consisted of two rooms, a drawing room, kitchen, and bathroom.

Now, a third room is being added to this layout or by expanding the area by 50 to 100 square feet, creating a 3 BHK flat.

Two different sizes are available to accommodate varying preferences, such as those who desire two bathrooms. Flats of both sizes are being constructed within the same building.

Several factors have contributed to the rising demand for more rooms in a home, including the need for separate rooms for children, growing social circles leading to increased visits from relatives, limited land availability, and the requirement for a dedicated space for remote work.

Over the past six months, building approvals have been granted in several locations throughout Jaipur, such as Pratap Nagar, Jagatpura, Indira Gandhi Nagar, Gandhi Path West, Bhankrota and Ajmer Road, Shyam Nagar and Nirman Nagar, Muhana Road, Sanganer, Patrakar Colony Road, Vatika Road, Shivdaspura, and Rajapark-Jawahar Nagar.

First published: May 5, 2023