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Jaipur Rural to be declared a new district

Employees to get their first salary increment within six months of being appointed.

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July 2, 2023, 9:57 am

rajasthan secretariate

Rajasthan secretariate. File Photo.

JAIPUR: The cabinet meeting led by Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot announced a series of decisions on Friday evening.

The creation of a new district, Jaipur Rural, topped the agenda.

During the meeting, a mutually acceptable formula was devised to resolve boundary disputes concerning the new districts.

It was discussed in the meeting how to divide the districts and which areas should be part of the new districts. The announcement for the creation of new districts will need some time. The meeting decided that any decision about where the boundaries of the new districts should be, especially when there are disagreements, will be based on what the people living there feel.

The Chief Minister said the new districts should only be announced after the disputes are resolved. People in Chaksu, Sambhar, Phulera, and Jobner are protesting because they don’t want to be part of the Dudu district. Because of this protest, Dudu will stay small, and the other areas will become part of the rural Jaipur district.

Many residents of the Jaipur city area don’t want Jaipur to be split into two parts, Jaipur North and Jaipur South. In a recent meeting, the MLAs of Jaipur told Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot that the areas under the two Jaipur municipal corporations should remain in Jaipur.

It was also decided that employees will receive their first salary increment within the initial six months of service.

The government has further decided to prioritize questions related to Rajasthan’s general knowledge in recruitment exams for ministerial and clerk positions.

Effective July 1, the census will no longer impose restrictions on the establishment of new districts or sub-divisions for administrative purposes. The deadline for finalizing administrative units for the census has been extended until December. Consequently, the notification of new districts will remain possible beyond June 30. Formerly, the administrative units had to be notified by June 30 to comply with the initial census deadline. However, this is no longer mandatory.

To enhance recruitment examinations for ministerial and clerk positions, the government has decided to allocate greater weightage to questions relating to Rajasthan’s general knowledge. The syllabus for Clerk and PA Grade II exams will feature an increased number of Rajasthan GK questions. This decision aims to provide more opportunities for the youth of Rajasthan in securing jobs, ultimately favoring them over candidates from other states.

Under the revised Rajasthan Civil Services (Revised Pay) Rules 2017, employees will now be entitled to receive salary increments twice a year, specifically on January 1 and July 1. Consequently, employees will receive their first increment within six months. Previously, increments were calculated based on a single date within the year. The cabinet has approved a proposal to amend the existing rules, ensuring that if an employee receives a promotion or ACP within the same cell of the pay level for the promoted post, their pay will be adjusted to the next cell.

In a noteworthy decision, the cabinet has mandated the teaching of the preamble and fundamental duties of the constitution in all schools across the state. Every Saturday, designated as “No Bag Day,” schools will conduct readings of the Preamble of the Constitution. Additionally, newly printed books will include the preamble and fundamental duties of the Constitution.

The cabinet has approved the draft of ‘The Rajasthan ILD Skills University, Jaipur (Change of Name and Amendment) Bill 2023’ and announced the renaming of Rajasthan ILD Skills University to ‘The Vishwakarma Skills University.’ Subsequently, the process of appointing a Vice-Chancellor, establishing a Board of Management, and enacting new provisions through an ordinance will commence. The bill will be presented in the assembly for further proceedings.

Sanskrit schools in the state will now offer computer education, thanks to the appointment of computer instructors. The Education Department has included the positions of Senior Computer Instructor and Basic Computer Instructor in the Rajasthan Sanskrit Education State and Subordinate Services (School Branch) Rules, 2015.

Amendments have been approved by the cabinet for Appendix ‘F’ in Rajasthan Industries Service Rules-1960, Rajasthan Industries Subordinate Services Rules-1966, and Rajasthan State Subordinate Services (Direct Recruitment through Combined Competitive Examination) Rules-1999. Consequently, the Industries Department will now be known as the Industries and Commerce Department, with corresponding modifications to the officers’ designations.

Women employees will now be permitted to retain government housing at standard rent rates even after being transferred until the conclusion of their maternity leave. Previously, this provision did not exist following transfers. The cabinet has approved the proposal to amend the Rajasthan Civil Services (Allotment of Residential Accommodation) Rules, 1958, enabling female government employees to retain their allotted residences at normal rent rates throughout their maternity leave period.

First published: July 1, 2023