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Jaipur RTO: Driving license tests to get tougher

A driving test process on automated tracks to become mandatory for obtaining driving licence.

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May 15, 2018, 10:52 am

RTO Jaipur

RTO, Jaipur. Image credit: Post Staff

Jaipur: Getting a driving license in the state will soon become far more challenging. An automated driving track is being created and applicants will have to give a driving test four times. Only the ones who pass this test will be issued a license.

The idea behind starting a stricter process is to reduce the number of accidents witnessed in the state and also test the skills of the drivers. Test on an automated track means a computer will now judge who has passed it rather than an officer judging the same. Applicant got away by driving rashly during the test and getting a leeway from the officer in charge of the test however this will now change.

The transport department will create automated driving tracks in 12 RTOs and DTO Offices of the state. Tenders will be issued for this the technical bid for the tender will be opened on December 13. Thus far seven companies have shown interest and applied for it.

An applicant wanting a permanent license will have to report to the venue 45 mins before the scheduled time. Before the trial, a 20-min class on road safety will be conducted by the officials. Every RTO will have 5 tracks that will include 1 for two-wheelers and 4 for four-wheelers. In the first test, a track of the shape of number 8 and in the second test that of number 4 will have to be driven on. In the third test, the vehicle will have to be parked angular as well as parallel. In the fourth and final test, the vehicle will have to be taken up the slope ensuring that it doesn’t move backward.

All these tests will be monitored through the cameras. Based on the analysis, the computer will release a fail-pass result. The 4 tracks will have signals with green confirming the passing of the test and red meaning the applicant has failed to do so. The trial fees for a two-wheeler will be Rs 100 while the same for a four-wheeler will be Rs 150. The combined fees at present are Rs 300. The firm will not be able to increase this fees for three years after which it will be Rs 125 and Rs 175 for a two-wheeler and four-wheeler respectively. RSRDC has the responsibility of overseeing the construction of tracks and the budget issued for the project is Rs 23 crores 66 lakhs.

First published: December 2, 2017
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