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Jaipur Police use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to nab criminals

Jaipur poilce used AI camera at Govind Devi Ji Temple in Jaipur for the first time.

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September 26, 2023, 8:28 pm

Use of AI camera at govind dev ji temple jaipur

Jaipur poilce used AI camera at Govind Devi Ji Temple in Jaipur

For the first time in Rajasthan, police are using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to catch criminals. Now, even in crowded areas, criminals can’t hide behind masks.

AI-powered cameras will be placed around the city. These cameras will link to a face recognition app. The system had its first trial at Govind Devji Temple in Jaipur. Here, the police successfully identified and detained 13 suspects.

How it works:

  • Cameras feed live footage to a central server.
  • The system compares live images to photos already on the server.
  • Within seconds, AI determines if the person caught on camera has a criminal record.
  • The monitor displays results, including age and gender.
  • Green shadow signals indicate non-criminals.

Jaipur Police Commissioner, Biju George Joseph, mentioned this is Rajasthan’s first experience with the technology. The police uploaded comprehensive data, including fingerprints and retina scans of local criminals. This extensive database helps identify suspects more efficiently.

In the Govinddev Ji temple trial, the face recognition app screened every visitor. The technology made identifying potential threats straightforward. Kunwar Rashtradeep, Additional Police Commissioner of Law and Order, expressed satisfaction with the system’s results. Senior officers at the police headquarters have received a report on its success.

The plan is to deploy this technology in various scenarios, like rallies or temple visits. A request for high-definition cameras has been placed with DOIT to enhance accuracy. The Cyber Cell of the Commissionerate is working tirelessly to refine this system, with the next phase focusing on vehicle identification.

Additional Police Commissioner, Kailash Bishnoi, highlighted the effort taken over the last six months to upload details into the system. Complete records of all Jaipur police stations, from high-profile criminals to lesser-known offenders, have been documented.

The new system aids police in quickly accessing criminal records after a crime. This swift access enables faster response times and immediate actions.

A notable achievement for AI in Rajasthan was solving the 2018 Alwar mob lynching case. Assistance from a Delhi company using facial recognition paved the way for understanding the technology’s potential.

Punjab Police uses a similar app named PAIS. UP Police’s version is called TRINETRA, while Bihar Police works with Chakra.

Globally, this technology aids police in various regions. Many countries utilize it during elections. Telangana’s Election Commission used a face recognition app to ensure voter authenticity, and several international airports, including Delhi, have adopted the technology.

First published: September 10, 2023