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Jaipur: Marriage garden sealed, penalized for violating COVID-19 guidelines

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December 7, 2020, 10:25 am

marriage garden sealed

Marriage garden in Banipark area sealed for violating COVID-19 guidelines.

Jaipur: Heritage Municipal Corporation officials sealed a marriage garden in Banipark and penalized the owners when it was found that more than 100 people were attending the wedding engagement ceremony being organized there.

The marriage garden owner had to pay Rs 30,000 as penalty and submit an affidavit saying that they would ensure compliance with COVID-19 guidelines in the future. The civic bodies have already warned that the marriage gardens in Jaipur will run the risk of losing license if the guidelines were violated.

The engagement ceremony took place at Ratanbagh Marriage Garden in Banipark on December 5. Heritage municipal corporation commissioner Lokbandhu said that a videography of the ceremony was done. It showed that more than 100 people had attended the function.

“As per the COVID-19 guidelines in Rajasthan, no more than 100 people can attend a wedding function,” said a senior official.

The civic body team also found that many of the guests were not wearing masks. They were not following social distancing guidelines.

“We sealed the venue as pe the law. The marriage garden owner paid Rs 30,000 as penalty and submitted an affidavit. The marriage garden then was allowed to reopen,” said the official.

The association of marriage garden owners has submitted a memorandum to the chief minister saying the onus of ensuring compliance with COVID-19 guidelines should be on the function organizers, not marriage garden management.

“This is leading to confrontations between marriage garden employees and function organizers,” said an association representative.

First published: December 7, 2020