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Jaipur: Green corridors for ambulances to be managed with traffic police mobile application

April 18, 2019, 10:09 am

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Jaipur: The Jaipur traffic police is planning to develop green corridors for ambulances in the city. These green corridors will be monitored and managed with the help of a mobile application. The step is being taken after several cases of patients not reaching hospitals on time due to traffic congestions were reported.

The project cost is Rs 3.5 lakh.  The traffic control room will be linked with a mobile application – Golden Hours – for managing green corridor for ambulances in the city. The step has been taken to ensure that no ambulance carrying patients get stuck in a traffic jam.

According to the police, the city has around 200 private and government hospitals. The driver of the ambulance will have to fill in the details of the hospital where he is taking the patient. If caught in a traffic emergency, the driver can press the alert button on the app.

The traffic police after receiving the information through the app will either navigate the ambulance and clear the way with the help of traffic police on duty. The

The administration of the traffic police will also ensure that ambulance driver don’t misuse the service.

Features of the mobile application:

•             The ambulance, and the hospital administration will have to first register on the mobile application – Golden Hours.

•             The traffic control room operator will have the complete details of ambulances movement in the city through the application.  

•             If the registered ambulance got stuck in a traffic jam in the city, the driver of the ambulance will press the alert button in the application.

•             After pressing the button, the traffic control room will get information about the location of the ambulance and that it needs help.

•             The control room will then generate a message to all the nearby traffic-in-charges about the situation

First published: April 18, 2019