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Jaipur gets divided into 4 new districts: All you need to know

This will bring about alterations in government records and administrative functions.

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August 25, 2023, 8:01 pm

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JAIPUR: Jaipur has been restructured into four distinct districts, resulting in a massive change in its administrative layout. With the official notification of these new districts, Jaipur city is now a fully urbanized district consisting of Jaipur Heritage and the Greater Municipal Corporation.

This will bring about alterations in government records and administrative functions. However, it’s important to note that these changes won’t necessitate any modifications in the existing documentation for the original Jaipur district. The administrative headquarters of Jaipur will remain unchanged.

The city, once a unified entity, has now been divided into Jaipur, Jaipur Rural, Dudu, and Kotputli-Behror districts. This fragmentation is reflected in the new boundaries of the Jaipur Collectorate, which will be limited to the jurisdiction of the Municipal Corporation area.

4 New Districts:

1. Jaipur district: This newly created district emerges from the merger of the Greater Municipal Corporation and Heritage. It includes four subdivisions: Jaipur, Kalwad, Sanganer, and Amer. While Sanganer, Amer, Kalwad, and Bagru tehsils of the Greater Municipal Corporation, along with the Wards of Heritage, will retain their urban district status.

2. Jaipur rural district: This district comprises most of Sanganer, except for 39 Wards of the Greater Municipal Corporation. It also includes Amer, Bassi, Chaksu, Jamwaragarh, Chaumun, Sambharlek, Madhorajpura, Rampura Dabri, Kishangarh-Renwal, Jobner, and Shahpura tehsils, with the exclusion of 4 Wards of Heritage.

3. Kotputli-Behror district: It includes Behror, Bansur, Neemrana, Narayanpur, Kotputli, Biratnagar, and Paota tehsils.

4. Dudu District: This district is outlined by the boundaries of Dudu, Fagi, and Mauzamabad tehsils.

Key changes in Jaipur district

  • The district headquarters of Jaipur and Jaipur Rural will remain in the city.
  • Jaipur district will include the Jaipur Municipal Corporation Heritage and the relevant tehsils within the Greater Municipal Corporation.
  • Jaipur district will include the urban areas of Jaipur, Kalwad, Amer, and Sanganer tehsils, as outlined in the official district notification.
  • The creation of separate Zilla Parishads for Jaipur, Jaipur Rural, and Dudu districts will lead to distinct leadership in each.

In response to protests against the initial proposal to split Jaipur into North and South districts, a new solution was devised. The revised plan retains Dudu as a separate, smaller district, including only the Dudu assembly constituency area. Meanwhile, the Jaipur Municipal Corporation area is now a part of the reconfigured Jaipur district, while the remaining regions fall under Jaipur Rural.

First published: August 6, 2023