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Jaipur: Same gang of robbers strike at a house twice in 8 years

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February 1, 2018, 5:46 pm


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Jaipur: Robbers sneaked into the house of a garment trader in Gopalpura in Jaipur early on Friday and made away with Rs 10 lakh cash and valuables. They bolted the house occupants sleeping in a room from outside.

What shocked the family members is the fact that robbers  – suspectedly from the same gang – had robbed the same house eight years ago also.

The robbery took place at the house of one Pramod Agarwal, a resident of Indra Nagar in Gopalpura.

Pramod was sleeping with his children and wife in one of the rooms in the two-storey house.

The robbers sneaked into the house around 1 am on Friday and bolted the room from outside. There were five CCTVs installed in the house, but robbers pointed their direction upwards. The police have got a footage showing a robber climbing down stairs in the house.

Police suspect that there were five robbers who jumped over a 12-feet high boundary wall.

When the family member woke up in the morning, they found the room locked. Pramod called up his neighbor who unlocked the room. They found that the house had been ransacked and the valuables and cash were missing. The police were informed.

Pramod’s parents and brother were not in the city, so only one room in the house was occupied.

The robbers have been identified to be members of ‘kaccha-baniyan’ gang, based on what one of the robbers caught on CCTV was wearing.

First published: June 24, 2017