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Jaipur businessman honey-trapped; Woman extorts Rs 50 lakh

The woman recorded compromising videos of the businessman during a meeting.

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October 14, 2023, 8:17 am

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JAIPUR: A 27-year-old businessman was blackmailed and extorted for Rs 50 lakh after being honey-trapped by a woman he befriended on Instagram. The woman recorded compromising videos of the businessman during a meeting. An FIR has been registered in this regard with Bindayaka police station in Jaipur.

Using these videos, she threatened to share them online and falsely accuse him. She extorted gadgets worth Rs 4.30 lakh and Rs 16 lakh in cash. Overwhelmed by the blackmail, the businessman filed an FIR.

The police said that the businessman, who operates an online business from Gandhi Path (Vaishali Nagar), connected with a woman named “Anamika” on Instagram in October 2021. He later came to know that her real name was Sheetal, a 22-year-old resident of Madhya Pradesh. They developed a close bond, with Sheetal introducing the businessman to her family.

On December 4, 2021, the businessman traveled to Betul, Madhya Pradesh, to meet Sheetal. After spending a day with her family, she convinced him to visit a hotel the next day. At the hotel, despite the businessman revealing he was married, Sheetal professed her love and managed to get Rs 1.53 lakh transferred to her sister’s account.

Sheetal visited Jaipur in January 2022, staying with the businessman. During this visit, she recorded compromising videos of him. Following her return, she used the videos to blackmail the businessman, demanding money and valuables.

By August 2023, Sheetal and her family had extorted valuables and cash, totaling over Rs 20 lakh, from the businessman and were pressuring him for an additional Rs 50 lakh.

First published: October 6, 2023