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Jaipur businessman honey-trapped; Woman accused of extorting Rs 45 lakh arrested

Bhatta Basti police, upon receiving the complaint from 75-year-old victim, set up a sting operation.

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May 10, 2023, 6:09 pm


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JAIPUR: In yet another case of honey-trap in Jaipur, a 75-year-old businessman has been swindled out of a hefty sum.

The accused woman, identified as Nisha Sharma, 56, also known as Neerja Sharma, has been arrested by the Bhatta Basti police station for extorting money under the pretense of implicating the businessman in a rape case.

The victim filed an FIR against Sharma on Tuesday, upon which immediate action was taken leading to her arrest on Wednesday morning.

It has been revealed that Nisha had already extorted Rs 40 lakh from the businessman and was in the process of receiving an additional Rs 5 lakh at the time of her arrest.

A police officer said that the victim provided police with audio and video proofs, that demonstrated Nisha’s blackmail attempt for money. “In addition to the already extracted Rs 40 lakh, she was insisting on a total sum of Rs 1 crore,” said the officer. The victim, distressed by the situation, approached the police and lodged a complaint.

The investigation disclosed a long-standing acquaintance between the victim and the accused, which Nisha exploited for her monetary gain.

The businessman had previously handed over Rs 35 lakh in 2017 and another Rs 5 lakh in 2019 to Nisha. In recent days, she was continually pressurizing the victim for more money.

Bhatta Basti police, upon receiving the complaint, set up a sting operation. As per Nisha’s demand, the victim was to meet her in the Bhatti Basti area with Rs 5 lakh. When she received the money and threatened to report the businessman to the police if he didn’t arrange more funds, the police arrested her.

The businessman, a senior citizen, and a heart patient expressed his dismay at Nisha’s insensitivity. “She didn’t show any mercy and has been threatening me in this manner for years,” he told the police.

Nisha, during her interrogation, disclosed that she resides in Vidyadhar Nagar with her family, including a daughter. She has been a widow for nearly 20 years. The police are now attempting to recover the extorted money from her and are probing whether she has blackmailed anyone else in a similar fashion.

First published: May 10, 2023