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Jaipur: Argentine tourists dies in bull attack, negligence alleged in medical aid

The ambulance used for transporting him wasn't equipped with oxygen cylinders.

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February 1, 2018, 11:46 am

Argentine national, identified as John Pablo died in bull attack in Jaipur

Argentine national, identified as John Pablo was killed in a bull attack in Jaipur

Jaipur: An Argentine national, identified as John Pablo, who had come to Jaipur on a tourist visa, was killed in a bull attack near Tadeshwar temple. His partner, Paula Haninenen who was accompanying her, alleged negligence in providing medical aid when the victim was being rushed to a hospital in an ambulance. She alleged that the ambulance wasn’t equipped with oxygen cylinders. Paula is a surgical nurse in New Zealand. The Argentine was a graphic designer by profession. He had been part of movies like Fast and Furious 7 and Guardians of Galaxy.

Paula alleged that the Pablo was constantly complaining of breathing difficulties before falling unconscious when he was being taken to the hospital. The ambulance that was used to transport him to a hospital didn’t have oxygen.  According to Paula, had Pablo received some oxygen he might have survived to receive treatment at the hospital.

Paula stated Pablo was fascinated with the Indian culture and visited the country to further explore it. The two tourists had arrived in Jaipur from Pushkar and had planned to travel to Sri Lanka from here. Pablo was deeply influenced by Indian spirituality and traditions and had even wished that if anything happened to him during the trip, he should be cremated as per the Hindu traditions. He wanted to donate his organs and had declared this in his license made in New Zealand.

A team from the Argentinean embassy arrived in the city to collect Pablo’s death certificate. Paula and a local resident of Bani Park area, Rekha Khunteta, who had helped the two tourists during the incident, accompanied the team. The team from the embassy interacted with city Mayor Ashok Lohati and Corporation Commissioner Ravi Jain.

Paula stated Pablo was to celebrate his 30th birthday on November 24. The duo was going to leave for Sri Lanka and had kept their luggage at a hotel near the AIR office. They had a meal at a restaurant near Hawa Mahal. After this, they were heading to Golchha theater to watch a movie when a stray bull suddenly came charging at Pablo and attacked his neck with its horns. Pablo did get up, however, started walking uncomfortably and complained of difficulty in breathing. He then collapsed to the ground. Paula cried for help and people took Pablo to a private hospital. He was referred to SMS Hospital after his condition worsened.

Paula stated that the ambulance carrying Pablo from Amar Jain Hospital to SMS hospital wasn’t equipped with oxygen. She stated this facility should be made available in all ambulances. She however said that the staff at SMS Hospital was very co-operative. Pablo’s family also wanted to fulfill his wish of organ donation however according to Paula the staff at SMS hospital could not understand this as the situation was tense. When they finally did, it was too late. Pablo’s body will be taken to Argentina and will not be buried but be cremated as per Hindu customs.

Paula and Pablo lived together and going to get married in 2018. Paula stated that the embassies of Argentina, New Zealand and Finland had helped them greatly and also sent a counselor after the tragedy. Pablo’s body is expected to be taken to Argentina on Tuesday after the formalities are completed.

First published: November 21, 2017