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It’s time for Jaipur youths to pick a career path; but are you ready?

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March 18, 2021, 10:06 am

career path jaipur youths

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Jaipur: This is the time of year when students are left to ponder about their careers. Not everyone sees themselves as doctors or futures MBAs, some want a career that has job satisfaction and the ability to outshine. Don’t be perturbed by the fact that you haven’t made up your mind about the career, as Steve Jobs said, stay hungry and stay foolish. Learn about your hobbies and see if you can turn them into a career.

Remember, in the modern-day, people are making money by playing video games, making podcasts about their favorite sports, and setting-up virtual fashion designing shops.

Here are a few tips you can consider to decide your career.


Check your traits, find things you love the most. See if your passion has takers in the market. Many who loved cars as kids ventured into auto designing, people who loved paintings have made their career working with the best art studios in the world. Self-assessment enables you to find an occupation that will help you pave a good career path.

The exploration list

After you have written down your passions and interests, make a list of professions that you think will take you closer to your passions and hobbies. Check out what qualifications you will require to get yourself established in those professions, for instance, if you are good at designing and creativity, you may make a better graphic designer or an illustrator.

Check for training and courses

Both online and class-based modules are available for any course that you think will take you closer to make your dream come true. Professional training helps you in two ways-open you to a network of people that could hire, and also give you an insight into what the industry demands. These things can lead you to a career that is most suited for a formal job. For instance, you may have a nose for a news and good writing skills, but with training at a good journalism college, you can get campus placement and contacts for future job prospects.


Make both short-term and long-term goals about your career, what do you wish to pursue after 12th class, after graduation, and after five years of working. Check out other qualifications and diplomas that you can add to your knowledge arsenal to give you a boost.

Meet experts

Websites like LinkedIn and Twitter allow you to interact with people who have carved a niche for themselves. So, if you are wondering what a career in content writing looks like, the best way is to connect with someone who has already made a name of themselves, connect with them online, and request some feedback.

Have you decided what career options suit you? Write in the comments and tell us about it

First published: March 18, 2021