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IRS suicide case: Binny’s husband gives funeral a miss

Husband hasn’t arrived in Jaipur and reportedly switched off his phone whereas her children constantly screamed to see their mother.

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August 9, 2018, 11:43 am

IRS Binny Sharma suicide case

IRS Binny Sharma who committed suicide.

Jaipur: Soon after Binny Sharma – an IRS officer and Deputy Commissioner of GST wing – committed suicide on Monday at Mahalekhakar colony of Bajaj Nagar in the city, police informed her husband, Gurpreet Walia, who is an IAAS (Indian Audit and Accounts Service) officer posted in Chandigarh.

After receiving the call, he allegedly mentioned that he would arrive in Jaipur by Tuesday morning but he didn’t attend the funeral. His phone was also found switched off, according to media reports. Binny Sharma’s children constantly screamed to see their mother, but the family members did not take them to her body. In the suicide note revealed by police, Binny accused her husband and mother-in-law  of harassment. Binny’s funeral was performed without her husband.

IRS Binny Sharma was living in government quarters with her two children named Chahat, 8 years old, Mukund, 17 months old and mother-in-law in Bajaj Nagar. After the incident on Tuesday morning, Chahat started screaming demanding to see her mother.

He was constantly screaming for her mother but the family members told him that her mother was sick and resting in the bedroom. They took him to the garden. He threatened to jump from the garden wall and was continuously asking to go to her mother. Meanwhile, he was going to every family member and complaining why he was not being allowed to see his mom. He kept asking questions about her.

Everybody who was there shed tears after seeing Chahat’s condition. 17-month-old Mukund doesn’t even know the meaning of death and life and was also crying to go to his mom as per the neighbors.

Binny’s Suicide note.

IRS Binny Sharma wrote a suicide note before hanging from the ceiling fan on Monday. She scribbled 5-6 lines on it saying that she was ending her life as she was fed up with her husband and mother in law. They were harassing her for the last nine years, now she was unable to bear the pressure and hence leaving the world, she stated.

As per relatives, Binny met Gurpreet during her training period in 2009 and they tied the knot in 2010. Gurpreet was posted in Jaipur about three years ago but he was later transferred to Chandigarh. Binny used to consume depression pills too.

Several revenue department officials visited IRS Binny’s house in Bajajnagar.

First published: August 8, 2018
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