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Honour killing case: A spectacular love story with a tragic end

The couple were assaulted, faced life threats and gave up inheritance rights to stay together.

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May 18, 2017, 3:39 pm

amit nayar with his wife

Amit Nayar with his wife.

Jaipur: The love story of 27-year-old Keralite Amit Nayar who was gunned down allegedly at the behest of his parents-in-law in Jaipur on Wednesday is full of sacrifices and struggle.

Amit and his wife Mamta had to hide their marriage for nearly three years, were assaulted many times and faced life threats. Mamta also had to give up her inheritance rights just to calm down her family.

When the couple thought the situation was finally improving, the story took the deadliest turn with Mamta’s parents killing her husband in her presence on Wednesday.

Mamta’s father Jeewan Ram, mother Bhagwati and brother Mukesh live in Khatipura area, a couple of kilometers from Amit’s house.

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The in-laws hail from a village near Losal in Sikar.

Amit who belongs to Kerala stayed in a rented accommodation in Khatipura till 2011 before his family bought a house in Karani Vihar.

Amit was a friend of Mukesh, the brother of Mamta. They studied in the same school.

Amit used to visit Mukesh and it was when he met Mamta. It was love at first sight, his friends recalled.

Mamta was studying law, while Amit was doing civil engineering.

Amit, his friends and family members tried their best to persuade Jeewan Ram, a retired army driver and his other in-laws to agree to the wedding, but they didn’t.

They said that their community wouldn’t allow it and it would bring disgrace to the entire family.

Within a year, both got marriage, but they didn’t tell her family members.

It was not until 2015 that Mamta’s family members came to know that they had actually tied the knot. Until then, both used to sneak out of their homes without telling their family members and spent time with each-other.

Mamta’s parents started pressurizing her to get married to someone else, so the couple had to break the news of their marriage. The threat game began. Mamta’s parents first forced her to register an FIR against Amit for kidnap and rape. When she refused, there are reports they assaulted the couple.

Mamta gave up her inheritance rights so that her family would leave her alone and forget about her altogether.

Jeewan Ram and other family members would call up Mamta and threaten to kill her. She didn’t dare to approach police against her own family members initially, but she eventually made a complaint against them.

The police bound down her parents and brother under section 151 of CrPC.

They were warned not to contact Mamta and her in-laws in any way.

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But in the last two years, the relationship apparently improved after Mamta got pregnant.

Her parents would come to her house and talk to her and Amit for hours.

The couple was very happy, but Mamta’s parents had something else going on in their minds.

They wanted Mamta to abort the child.

They visited her on Wednesday and wanted to take her with them so that they could force her to get an abortion.

Mamta fought her parents vehemently.

A man who her parents had brought along opened fire at Amit.

Amit sustained three bullet injuries and was declared brought dead by doctors at a government hospital.

Mamta who is expecting a baby was hysterical.

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“Had I known my parents’ intentions, I would have never allowed them to enter my house,” said Mamta after the incident.

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First published: May 18, 2017