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Home delivery of traffic challan for over-speeding on JLN Marg

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February 1, 2018, 1:10 pm

traffic challan

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Jaipur: The traffic police department of Jaipur Commissionerate has decided stricter measures for dealing with overspeeding on the city roads. The first area to come under sterner rules is the JLN Marg. First, a warning letter will be sent to the owner of the vehicle that crosses the 60 kmph mark on this road. If the same vehicle again crosses this speed limit, the owner will be fined Rs 400 for not adhering to the rules.

The traffic police have installed speed meters on this road. Any vehicle that crosses the 60 kmph mark cannot escape the watchful eyes of the officials as its number gets captured on the meters as well as the high vision cameras which are connected to the traffic police control room. This helps the police to trace the details of the vehicle owner.

The warning letter sent out to the vehicle owners will mention the date and time the vehicle went past the 60kmph mark. It will also state the exact speed at which the vehicle was moving at that particular instance. Safety regulations and the importance of speeding rules will also be explained in the letter.

The traffic police have filed cases in recent times against some vehicles which have crossed the 100 kmph mark on the JLN Marg. Earlier this year the department had successfully installed speed detection cameras to trace speeding vehicles on this road and is planning to do the same on other roads as well. In February, the police had filed FIRs against nine persons for reckless driving. These drivers were booked under relevant sections of the IPC after the automatic speed violation detection (ASVD) cameras on JLN Marg singled out vehicles driving beyond 100 Km per hour.

First published: October 6, 2017