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HipnHappy introduces premium quality innerwear for babies and kids

The company is also increasing production and offering various combo packs to establish a strong customer base.

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April 1, 2023, 4:35 pm

hipnhappy new clothing release

Photo credit: HipnHappy website.

JAIPUR: HipnHappy, a renowned brand in the newborn clothing industry, has launched a new collection of premium quality innerwear for babies and kids. 

The brand has incorporated numerous innovative features in its production process to ensure maximum comfort and consumer satisfaction, the company officials said at the launch adding that they are also increasing production and offering various combo packs to establish a strong customer base.

“The majority of HipnHappy’s workforce comprises talented designers who are revolutionizing infant innerwear design strategies. These designers are keenly aware of how to create comfortable baby underwear using modern technology. Ruchi Bajaj, the chief designer and team leader of the merchandising department, leads the team at HipnHappy,” the officials said. 

The brand’s rapid success can be attributed to its partnership with Nikhil Bargale, who has extensive experience in e-commerce, fashion, retail, and apparel export. His expertise in the latest developments in children’s clothing production and sales has propelled the company to success. As a result, HipnHappy now dominates the infant innerwear market, offering high-quality products to a wide range of customers.

Supported by experts with vast experience in baby underwear production, the HipnHappy team ensures each product meets high-quality standards in fabric, colour, and elasticity. They use 100% cotton and toxin-free colours to create baby underwear, and the outer elastic on their infant clothes protects the delicate skin of babies from harsh elastic marks. Advanced dyeing technology is also employed to ensure long-lasting colour.

HipnHappy offers cost-effective combo packs for baby innerwear, containing 3-5 items with various colour and print options for each combination. These innerwear sets can be purchased at an affordable price, providing ultimate comfort for babies. The brand caters to a wide age range, from infants to children between the ages of 1 and 12 years. Their girls’ camisoles are specially designed to boost adolescents’ self-confidence. Through innovation and effective business strategies, HipnHappy has risen to success in the baby innerwear market.

The company sells newborn clothing items through its website:

First published: April 1, 2023