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Ghost cutting women’s hair: Man arrested for spreading rumors, more cases reported

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February 1, 2018, 5:11 pm

ghost cutting off women hair rajasthan

A woman holding plaint that was allegedly chopped off by a ghost. Three cases reported in Jaipur district were found fake.

Jaipur: The district police has arrested a man for spreading rumors on social media about ghosts cutting hair of women.

The accused, Ram Pal, a resident of Neendad in Jaipur rural, had uploaded some videos on social media websites. The videos went viral. Ram Pal told the police that he had done this to quell fear of ghosts among woman. The police have booked the man for disrupting peace.

Even as the police have warned to take action against people who spread these rumors, more cases have come up.

In Harmara, two cases of women’s plaint being chopped were reported in Jaipur rural’s Harmara area.

SHO Lakhan Singh Khatana said that police teams were rushed to the houses of the women.

“They had their hair chopped off, but there were no evidence. An investigation has been launched,” said Khatana.

While many of these cases have been proved to be fake, rumours continue to strike terror in rural areas of Rajasthan.

As per these rumors, ghosts are cutting hairs of women in their sleep. The plaint is found lying chopped off near the women the next morning. The ghost also also draws a Trishool on women’s body and the women fall sick after this.

Police officials said that a legal action would be taken against people who were found spreading such rumors on social media.

“People should not pay attention to these rumors. They are meant to spread superstition and terror,” said a senior police officer.

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