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Famous Jewellery of Jaipur: Best Jewellers & Shops

Many renowned jewellers started their business in the city and are now selling the famous jewellery items of Jaipur all over the world.

February 25, 2023, 4:38 pm

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Famous jewellery of Jaipur and best jewellers and jewellery shops.

JAIPUR: Jaipur is one of the most beautiful cities in the country. The city’s heritage and forts, mouth-watering dishes and traditional festivals are very popular, but Jaipur is also famous for one more thing: Jaipur Jewellery.

Many renowned jewellers started their business in the city and are now selling the famous jewellery designs of Jaipur all over the world. In this guide, we will share with you some of the most famous and traditional jewellery art of Jaipur and also the best jewellery shops and showrooms where you can buy them:

Gemstone jewellery

Gemstone manufacturing is a huge industry in Jaipur. The reason is that gemstones and handcrafted jewellery is exported to many countries around the world. There are thousands of artisans expert in gemstone cutting and polishing here. Both silver and gold jewellery of Jaipur made with gemstones are popular.

Meenakari: Famous jewellery art of Jaipur

Gold jewellery anyways looks stunning, but the artisans of Jaipur are known for making it more beautiful by adding meena to it. The meenakari art has been very famous in Jaipur for decades. While it’s a traditional jewellery art, it has now become very popular as a modern fashion statement.

Famous Jaipur meenakari jewellery
Famous Jaipur meenakari jewellery

The designing and finishing of meena stays intact forever. The artisans heat the jewellery to add meena to it. Meena is available in many colours including golden, green and red colours.

Kundan Jadai Jewellery of Jaipur

Kundan Jadau jewellery of is one of the most famous jewellery arts. There are thousands of artisans in Jaipur involved in making kundan jadau jewellery. In fact, there is a lane dedicated to these artisans. Jaipur’s Jadiyon Ka Rasta is named after these artisans. The kudan Jadai work is performed on many types of gold jewellery including rakdi, earrings, necklace, locket, bracelet and tops.

Famous Kundan Jadau Jaipur Jewellery
Famous Kundan Jadau Jaipur Jewellery

Kudan jadai is a very delicate work which takes a lot of time and efforts. Navratan gems are set in gold jewellery through Kundan which makes these types of jewellery very expensive compared to regular jewellery. Jewelery is studded with precious stones including emerald, pearl, sapphire, topaz and diamond.

Traditional Thewa jewellery

Thewa art jewellery is yet another famous jewellery available in a wide range of prices in Jaipur. Thewa is the traditional art form that is being used in jewellery manufacturing for centuries.

Famous Thewa Jaipur jewellery
Famous Thewa Jaipur jewellery

This jewellery is made with a very detailed and delicate gold work on glass. The silver wires are used to create a frame that not only adds beauty to the design but also tightens the glass. Frames of fruits, flowers, animals, birds, nature are engraved on gold.

Casting jewellery

Gold casting work done by Jaipur artisans has grown to be very popular across the country. While Jaipur is mostly famous for handmade jewellery art, the trend of manufacturing gold castings is also getting popular.

The great thing about casting jewellery is that the designs are fully customizable and can be prepared as per the demand from the customer or the popular trends. These casting jewelleries are produced in bulk quantity and then marketed not only in India, but also several other countries.

Many tops of jewellery items including brackets, rings, lockets and ear tops are prepared with gold castings.

Lac Jewellery of Jaipur

Lac acquired from a bug on trees in the forests is the primary material to manufacture the famous lac jewellery of Jaipur. These handcrafted jewellery items are liked across the country, but are very popular among the Rajasthani women. While lac bangles are the most popular item, other types of jewellery including necklace are also manufactured with this art.

Famous Jaipur Lac Jewellery
Famous Jaipur Lac Jewellery

Best Jewellery Shops and Jewellers of Jaipur

Now that you know some of the most famous jewellery art and design of Jaipur, let’s discuss where you can buy these items:

Surana Jewellers of Jaipur

Founded in 1735, Surana Jewellers of Jaipur is a popular brand among jewellery shoppers. They specialize in kudan and meenakari art and their craftsmanship has been handed over generations. They were in fact invited to Jaipur by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II.

Surana Jewellers of Jaipur
Surana Jewellers of Jaipur

Famous for: Jadau Kundan Meena collection, diamond collection, beads and coloured stone collection

Address: B-73, Surana Enclave, Sawai Ramsingh Road(Tonk Road), Opp. S.M.S. Hospital.

Location on Map:

Motisons Jewellers

Known for its gemstone jewellery, the most famous jewellery art from Motisons Jewellers is the Jadau Kundan Polki. The brand was founded in Jaipur in 1998.

Motisons Jewellers are credited with promoting Jaipur jewellery globally and bringing it to the attention of the jewellery lovers across the world.

With three main branches at Johari Bazaar, Tonk Road and Vaishali Nagar in Jaipur, Motisons Jewellers has become a trusted name in the jewellery industry.

Motisons Jewellers Jaipur
Motisons Jewellers Jaipur

Famous for: Jadau Kundan Polki

Address: SB-110, Motisons Tower, Tonk Road, Opp Nagar Nigam Office, Lalkothi,, Jaipur – 302015

Location on map:

Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas Jewellers

Known for excellent Kundankari designs, Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas Jewellers claim to have some of the best jewellery craftsmen and artisans of the country.

Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas Jewellers
Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas Jewellers

The brand grew from the dusty lanes of Johri Bazaar. Now they have a big outlet at Mirja Ismail Road (MI Road).

Address: 9, Laxmi Complex, M.I. Road, Jaipur – 302001

Location on Map:

Kalyan Jewellers

While headquartered in Kerala, Kalyan Jewellers is a big name in the Jaipur jewellery market. They have employed the local artisans to manufacture jewellery inspired by traditional designs and craftsmanship.

They have a wide collection of Rajputi and Rajasthan jewellery items.

Kalyan Jewelllers Jaipur
Kalyan Jewelllers Jaipur

Address: Plot A & B Sen Complex Scheme, Government Hostel, Ajmer Rd, near Vishal Mega Mart, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302001

Location on Map:

Some other famous Jaipur jewellers and jewellery shops include:

  • Kalajee Jewellery
  • JKJ Jewellers
  • Maha Laxmi Jewellers
  • Tatiwalas Jewellery
  • Amrapali Jewellers


What type of Jaipur jewellery is famous?

Jaipur is famous for traditional jewellery. Some of the most popular arts include meenakari, polki, kundan jadau and thewa.

Is Jaipur famous for gemstone jewellery?

Yes, Jaipur is one of the biggest exporters of gemstone jewellery in India. The gemstone jewellery made here is famous all over the world.

Where should I buy jewellery in Jaipur?

You should always buy jewellery at a trusted brand shop in Jaipur. There are many traditional stores including Surana Jewellers of Jaipur, Motisons Jewellers and Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas Jewellers.

Who is credited with the development of jewellery industry in Jaipur?

Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II who established the city. He developed areas dedicated to certain occupations including jewellers and then jewellers from all over Indian sub-continent.

Which is the famous old jewellery market of Jaipur?

Johari Bazaar. It’s the oldest jewellery market in Jaipur, established by the founder of the city – Maharaj Sawai Jai Singh – II himself. He brought artisans and jewellers to Jaipur and helped them establish their business in Johari Bazaar. Some of the Johari Bazaar jewellers are now famous jewellery makers.

First published: August 10, 2022