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Ex-Deputy CM Sachin Pilot questions home department over Jaipur Blast Case acquittals

Pilot calls for action against those responsible for investigation flaws, emphasizing the need for justice for victims.

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March 30, 2023, 4:47 pm

sachin pilot

Sachin Pilot.

JAIPUR: Former Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot has raised concerns about the role of Rajasthnan government’s Home Department in the acquittal of the accused in the Jaipur serial blasts case. The home department portfolio is held by chief minister Ashok Gehlot.

Pilot highlighted the seriousness of the issue, where the accused were initially sentenced to death by the lower court but later acquitted due to insufficient investigation.

Speaking to the media at his Jaipur residence on Thursday, Pilot emphasized the need to deliver justice to the victims and hold those responsible for the flawed investigation accountable. He questioned the Home Department and Law Department’s oversight of the case, which led to the acquittal of the accused at the High Court level despite their previous death sentences.

Pilot pointed out that while it’s one thing to reduce a sentence, releasing the accused due to lack of evidence is a grave matter. He urged for an investigation into how this situation occurred and stressed the importance of taking action to ensure justice is served.

The former Deputy CM also reminded that it is the government’s responsibility to provide a proper resolution to the case and bring those guilty to justice. He called for immediate action in the matter and urged the government to collect all available evidence and documentation related to the blast case to ensure that justice is delivered.

The case’s outcome raises questions about the efficacy of the Home and Law Departments in handling such matters and highlights the need for a thorough investigation to identify any shortcomings in the judicial process.

First published: March 30, 2023
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