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Dushyant Sharma murder case: Police records unfold Priya Seth’s life story

Priya Seth's tale began with aspirations of academia when she moved to Jaipur in 2011 from her hometown of Pali to pursue her dream of becoming a professor.

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December 2, 2023, 9:34 am

dushyant murder case

Priya Seth, her two aides sentenced to life imprisonment in Dushyant Sharma murder case. File photo

JAIPUR: The story of Priya Seth along with her two aides who were sentenced to life imprisonment in the infamous Dushyant Sharma case is a sharp reminder of how the misuse of technology can lead to horrible crimes.

Priya Seth’s tale began with aspirations of academia when she moved to Jaipur in 2011 from her hometown of Pali to pursue her dream of becoming a professor.

Coming from a family rooted in the teaching profession, she faced high expectations to continue the legacy. Her grandfather had been a principal, her father a lecturer, and her mother a teacher, with extended family members also into education.

However, her journey took a dark turn. In Jaipur, after initial days spent at her grandmother’s home, she moved to Mansarovar, living alone when her family stopped providing financial support. It was during this period that she met Dikshant Kamra. The two, embroiled in a live-in relationship in Bajaj Nagar’s Anita Colony, hatched a plan to lure wealthy men through the dating app Tinder, aiming to amass riches in a short span.

Priya, motivated by a desire for quick wealth and facing financial constraints after her family cut her off, crossed paths with the shadowy world of the sex trade. With the assistance of an acquaintance, she created a porn website to trap affluent men, investing up to Rs 90,000 monthly on the site and involving several girls in this business.

Her path crossed with Dushyant Sharma, whom she met through Tinder. He introduced himself as a wealthy businessman from Delhi, which led her and her boyfriend, Dikshant, to kidnap him for a ransom of Rs 20 lakh. Even after receiving Rs 3 lakh from Dushyant’s father, Priya, Dikshant, and their associate Lakshya Walia murdered Dushyant in cold blood, motivated by greed and the fear of being caught.

A chilling aspect of the story involves a prediction by an astrologer Priya had met on Tinder, who had forewarned her of impending jail time in April or May, a prediction that eerily came true just two months before the murder.

After the murder, they withdrew Rs 25,000 using Dushyant’s ATM card, purchased a trolley bag, and disposed of his body in the forest area of Amer, using a vehicle with a fake number plate to avoid detection. The police, through investigation and call record analysis, unraveled their web of lies and arrested them.

Despite her denials in court, the evidence was overwhelming. Six years after the crime, Priya Seth, Dikshant Kamra, and Lakshya Walia were sentenced to life imprisonment. Dushyant’s father, who had already lost another son to an accident, expressed a mix of grief and relief at the verdict, having finally received justice for his son.

First published: November 26, 2023