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Dubai receives astro education from Indian astrologer Ritu Singh, healer Pradeep Chandiramani

Singh and Chandiramani are scheduled to return to Dubai on August 16.

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June 16, 2023, 4:55 pm

Astrologer Ritu Singh and Healer Pradeep Chandirmani

Astrologer Ritu Singh and International healer Pradeep Chandirmani

JAIPUR: Indian Astrologer Ritu Singh and International Healer Pradeep Chandiramani have returned home following a one-week tour in Dubai. Upon their return, the duo praised Dubai’s beauty and its warm-hearted residents, sharing that their experience felt like a home away from home.

During her stay, Singh provided astrological guidance to many Dubai residents, exposing a common lack of understanding and basic knowledge about astrology and spirituality in the region. Singh emphasized the need for locals and Indians living in Dubai to grasp basic astrological and spiritual principles before seeking advice in these areas.

“Astrology is not just about palmistry or horoscope reading but requires attention to geographical details such as latitude and longitude lines, especially in a different location like Dubai,” Ritu shared after her return from Dubai.

She counseled nearly 60 to 70 individuals, uncovering various business, health, and personal challenges tied to Vastu (a traditional Hindu system of architecture) and horoscope complications.

Similarly, Chandiramani shared insights about the effects of Dubai’s geographic shift and fast-paced lifestyle on people’s mental health.

He noticed increasing cases of irritability, loneliness, and depression among locals, and recommended spiritual remedies to help manage stress. He stressed the importance of seemingly minor factors, like the placement of a house of worship or even the color of clothing, in influencing one’s well-being.

Singh and Chandiramani also advocated for a better understanding of Hindi among Dubai residents. Singh noted that the English language may lack the comprehensive expressions needed to fully convey astrological, spiritual, and Vastu concepts.

She suggested that a Hindi understanding would better equip Dubai’s population to comprehend Kundli (birth-chart) analysis and other spiritual advice.

Their Dubai tour also included a guest appearance on 102.4 FM Radio Mirchi Dubai. Hosts Varun Dhawan and Pragya put forth the public’s most pressing issues to Singh and Chandiramani, who offered simple solutions to these complex problems.

Singh and Chandiramani are scheduled to return to Dubai on August 16, with slots already filling up for their next visit. They expressed their pride in spreading Indian traditional astrology and spiritual education beyond India, demonstrating its global recognition and influence.

First published: June 16, 2023