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Drinking water tanker supply in Jaipur to go Hi-tech

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July 30, 2018, 5:08 pm

water tanker supply in Jaipur

Water tanker supply in Jaipur. File Photo

Jaipur: Water tanker supply in Jaipur is all set to go hi-tech with PHED planning to introduce GPS system and digital verification in order to to rein in on the cases of fraud and corruption. Now, the water supply process will be completely digital and tracked with software and mobile application.

While transferring water in the tanker, the driver will have to upload a picture of water level indicator placed at the back of the tank, into the software and only after verifying OTP (one time password) on the consumer’s mobile number, the payment will be done.

Cost of this new, Real time Water Tanker Tracking Management Information System is Rs. 1.5 crore.  For now, this system will be launched by the department in the North zone circle in four divisions. A private company has given the tender of developing the system with a budget of Rs. 72 lakh in the first phase.

According to the Department’s Additional Chief Engineer, Dinesh Saini, there are around 372 tankers who supplies drinking water across the city in 1800 trips. Now all the details will be monitored on software and mobile application.

How the system will work?

Water level indicator has been placed on all the government tankers by which water level in the tank can be measured. Unlike before, Mobile GPS monitoring will be available now. An application will be downloaded in the driver’s smartphone on which he has to upload pictures of water level indicator while transferring the water into the society\region tank, before and after the transfer. So that the department will get to know the amount of water was supplied with the tank. This application will be connected to Google and the location can monitored with GPS.

Earlier, there were coupons on which concerned person used to sign and the payment was done but now, after the driver will upload the photo of water level indicator, an OTP will be generated and the consumer will get that OTP on their phone. Driver will type the OTP on the software and the payment will be made by the customer only after that.

There were many alleged complains in illegal water supplies to restaurants and other places earlier, but PHED is hopeful that this hi-tech software will solve this problem.

First published: July 30, 2018
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