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Dr. Karishma Shetty’s “Psychic Temples” launched: A centre for spiritual healing

Dr. Shetty - popularly known as "GuruMa" - is known for making accurate predictions.

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July 2, 2023, 11:43 am

Karishma Shetty launch Psychic Temples

Karishma Shetty launches Psychic Temples

JAIPUR: Dr. Karishma Shetty – popularly known as GuruMa – recently launched “Psychic Temples” which will serve as a centre for spiritual healing.

The event was marked by the attendance of many well-known personalities including Dhruva Karunakar, Sapna Jain, Ankit Swami, and Ankkita Maithy.

Dr. Karishma Shetty is known for making accurate predictions and providing people with solutions to life’s challenges. She has helped many people achieve their goals in work, school, and life.

“Opening Psychic Temples was an important part of my plan to help more people find themselves and get better. People can find help, advice, and inner peace here. Psychic Temples will employ a whole range of spiritual ways to provide guidance and different psychic healing methods to help people when times are tough,” Dr. Shetthy told media persons.

Dr. Shetty specializes in different types of spiritual practices including Vastu, Numerology, Reiki, Tarot, Lenormand Reading, Lithomancy, Oracle Card Reading, Aura Cleansing, Face Reading, Energy Healing, Healing with Elements, Metaphor Therapy, Signature Analysis, Rune Reading, I-Ching, Chakra Balancing, Sound Therapy, and more.

“I strongly believe that psychic healing can help line up a person’s mind, body, and spirit,” she said.

At the event, Dr. Karishma Shetty said, “Psychic Temples is a safe place where people find answers. We use the great power of the universe to solve different problems that people have. I invite all of you to come to Psychic Temples and see how spiritual healing can change your life.”

For those who are looking for spiritual growth, Psychic Temples will serve as a guiding light, she added.

First published: July 2, 2023