Don’t want to step out this weekend? Here are 12 online activities to make it fun in Jaipur

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August 4, 2020, 6:19 pm

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Weekends are precious. They are like a wild breeze on a lazy summer afternoon. A well-spent weekend is motivation for the rest of the week. Nobody wants to let go of weekends, that’s why we live them like there’s no tomorrow.

But what if you don’t want to step out this weekend? Especially when your favorite parks and local cinema halls are closed, staying home is the best thing to do. That shouldn’t stop you from making the best of your weekend.

Here are 12 online activities to make your weekend fun:

Movies and Chill

Nothing’s better than sprawling on your couch and losing yourself in the world of Hulu and Netflix. These online streaming platforms host thousands of movies and TV shows. Some of them are even exclusive to these platforms. Netflix has produced many original hits like Bird Box, Stranger Things, and Orange is the New Black. So why don’t you binge on these shows this weekend? As people are staying indoors, data indicate that the Netflix viewership has gone up by almost 100% during the lockdown.

Tour the World

Yes, you can tour the world from your bedroom, and for free. Thanks to Google Street View and Google Earth, you can zap yourself inside the majestic Roman Colosseum, or take a walk under the Eiffel Tower, or swim in the translucent waters of Bora Bora. There are just so many places to go that you won’t ever get bored.

Watch YouTube

Spiraling down the rabbit hole of YouTube, you may find the strangest, the most intriguing content in the world of entertainment. From eating a million-dollar pizza to petting a Norwegian wolf, there’s a video for everything you want to watch. You can even install apps like Rave and Together to watch YouTube with your friends online.

Discover New Recipes

The weekend means good food! And since you’re home, why not cook the good stuff yourself? Delve into the never-ending menu the internet has tastefully written for you. Don’t think you’ve all the ingredients? Fret not! Supercook to the rescue! All you need to do is enter the ingredients available at your home and Supercook will provide you with a long list of recipes you can try with those ingredients!

Jump into Gaming

Online multiplayers are addictive. Time passes ridiculously fast if you get engrossed in one. Games like League of Legends, Fortnite, DOTA 2 and PUBG are great escapes from a stressful week. Pair it up with YouTube or Twitch and who knows, you might earn yourself some new fans!

Start a Blog

Have an idea you’re itching to put down on paper? It’s time to make your own blog and share it with the rest of the world! Sites like WordPress allows you to host your very own blog and customize it for free. All you need to do is register on their site and you’re good to go.

Listen to Podcasts

If you like radio, you would love podcasts. There are millions of podcasts around the world. Whatever you’re interested in, you’re sure to find a podcast about it. Love aliens? Listen to Aliens Like Us with Rhys Darby. Love Hip-Hop? Listen to The Joe Budden Podcast. 

Track Sharks

Now, this is weird. But OCEARCH lets you track sharks as they travel across the world. It’s a fantastic ride for any marine lover dying of weekend boredom. Each shark has a name, each shark’s location can be traced back to a year, and you might just start cheering for one!

Shop Online

Don’t want to hit the mall? Get comfy in those fluffy pillows and start surfing the endless row of fashion, grocery, electronics and pet food online.

Discover New music

Are you one of those people who keeps listening to the same song for the 700th time? Are your ears stuck in the same genre since the past decade? Well, this weekend, why don’t you try some new music and discover broader horizons? Music services like Spotify recommend new music based on your tastes.

Explore the Solar System

If travelling the world isn’t enough, you can explore the solar system, or even the universe through free software like Space Engine and NASA’s space websites. Why step out of your house when you can step into a galaxy?

First published: March 26, 2020