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Delhi-Mumbai Expressway gaining popularity for Jaipur-Delhi travel

There has been a 30% decrease in vehicles using Jaipur-Delhi National Highway.

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February 20, 2023, 8:56 am

jaipur-delhi expressway

Delhi-Mumbai Expressway.

JAIPUR: The Delhi-Mumbai Expressway has become increasingly popular among car travellers who prefer to use it as it significantly reduces travel time between Delhi and Jaipur.

There has been a 30% decrease in vehicles using Jaipur-Delhi National Highway. These vehicles are now using Delhi-Mumbai Expressway to travel between Jaipur and Delhi as it only takes about 3.5 hours to cover the distance between the two cities by car. 

While heavy vehicles such as trucks and buses are still plying on the Jaipur-Delhi National Highway, cars and jeeps are preferring the expressway. 

The reason is that you can drive at a speed of 120 km per hour which enables you to reach Delhi from Jaipur in less than 3.5 hours. 

The vehicles that used to pass through Manoharpura and Shahjanhapur toll plazas are now using the Rajadhok toll plaza. It has decreased the toll collection at Manoharpura and Shahjanhapur toll plazas. 

Thousands of people travel between Jaipur and Delhi on a regular basis for business and other reasons. The launch of the expressway has come as a big relief to these people. 

The expressway’s Delhi-Dausa-Lalsot segment, spanning 246 kilometres, connects the capital with Jaipur. 

A toll fee of Rs 90 for small vehicles and Rs 145 for light commercial vehicles will be levied on the Delhi-Dausa-Lalsot segment for a distance of roughly 20 kilometres to reach Khalilpur. However, the toll charges increase significantly when travelling further to Barkapara – Rs 500 for small vehicles and Rs 805 for light commercial vehicles.

On February 12, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the 246-kilometre Delhi-Dausa-Lalsot segment, which was made accessible to the public on February 15. 

First published: February 20, 2023