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Businessman commits suicide over partner’s harassment in Jaipur: Victim’s distressing video surfaces

Before his suicide, the victim filmed a distressing video, expressing his torment and stating that he saw no other way out.

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June 23, 2023, 11:52 pm

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JAIPUR: A Nagina trader in Jaipur has taken his own life, alleging severe harassment by his business partners.

Before his suicide, the victim filmed a distressing video, expressing his torment and stating that he saw no other way out. The incident occurred in the Galta Gate police station area.

According to police, Abid Khan (40), a businessman, consumed a poisonous substance at his residence around 3 pm on Wednesday. Upon falling ill, Khan’s relatives rushed him to SMS Hospital, where he succumbed to the poison at 10:30 pm. The police were alerted and took custody of the deceased upon receiving information from the hospital.

During the investigation, a suicide note was discovered in Abid’s pocket, revealing the names of two individuals named Ansar and Latif. The note explicitly stated that due to them, Abid had decided to end his life.

Further examination of Abid’s mobile phone uncovered a video recorded before his suicide, shedding light on the distress he endured. In the video, he can be heard expressing profound distress, citing the relentless torment inflicted upon him by his business partners.

Abid asserted that he had been pushed to the brink and saw suicide as the only solution to escape his agony. He lamented the irreversible damage caused to his career, hard work, and the financial ruin inflicted by Ansar and Latif, who had also mistreated his family members.

Abid implored his brother Zahid to ensure that these individuals face the consequences of their actions.

Following the incident, Abid’s younger brother, Wajid Khan, lodged a report with the police, resulting in the registration of a case of abetment to suicide against Latif and Ansar on Wednesday night.

The family members called for swift action against those responsible for driving Abid Khan to such a desperate act. The case remains under investigation, and authorities are expected to examine all available evidence to ascertain the truth behind the alleged harassment.

Abid Khan’s untimely demise serves as a stark reminder of the severe consequences that can result from unchecked harassment and the urgent need to address issues of mental well-being in the business world.

First published: June 22, 2023