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Bogus call centre busted in Jaipur, 32 arrested for posing as Microsoft employees, defrauding foreigners

Call centre owner on the run.

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April 20, 2023, 4:10 pm

call centre arrest

Bogus call centre employees arrested.

JAIPUR: A bogus call center in Jaipur has been busted, where ‘agents’ posing as Microsoft employees targeted and defrauded people residing overseas. Police raided the facility and arrested 32 young men and women. Authorities are now searching for the center’s owner and the building landlord. The fraudulent call center was operating out of rooms three to five in the Ram Janki Tower, situated on Chitrakoot Marg.

Initially, the scammer would hack the target’s computer system and send a message claiming that their system had been compromised. The message instructed the target to call Microsoft customer care and provided a toll-free number.

Simultaneously, the target would receive a message on Telegram regarding the alleged hack. When the target called the toll-free number, they were connected directly to the fraudulent call center. The scammers would obtain the target’s personal number upon calling and, posing as Microsoft employees, extract all necessary details before emptying their bank account.

The detainees hail from various states, including Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan, and Meghalaya. They were hired with salaries up to Rs 40,000 per month. The case involves a multi-crore rupee scam. Chitrakoot police conducted the raid on the center at around 1 pm on Wednesday.

CI Gunjan Soni reported that small cabins were constructed within the tower’s hall, where 32 individuals were found engaged in computer-based calling activities. The police arrested everyone on the scene. The individual operating the center during the raid identified himself as Deepak Shah, a resident of Uttar Pradesh. He managed the technical support while another young man named Aman oversaw the entire operation. Both were taken into custody. The call center’s owner, Dilip Tanwar, also known as Sandy, is currently on the run. Building owner Suraj Yadav was also aware of the call center’s illegal activities.

Suraj Yadav ensured that the call center’s operations faced no obstacles. The employees targeted American citizens, defrauding them in US dollars before converting the stolen funds into Indian rupees.

Chitrakoot police station revealed that all suspects are college graduates, including eight women. They were hired for their strong English language skills and were provided with flats near the call center. These criminals are believed to operate call centers in other states as well.

First published: April 20, 2023