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Birth of 3 cubs likely to pave way for tiger safari at Nahargarh Biological Park in Jaipur

With the newly born cubs, the number of tigers at Nahargarh Bilogical Park has increased to seven park including a white tiger couple, ‘Rambha’ and ‘Nahar’ with their three newly-born cubs.

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December 10, 2018, 11:46 am


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Jaipur: In good news to wildlife lovers, Tigress ‘Rambha’ gave birth to three cubs at Nahargarh Biological Park of Jaipur on December 7. The father of these cubs is Tiger ‘Nahar’. If the cubs survive, the forest department may consider introducing a tiger safari at Nahargarh Biological Park, sources said.

According to preliminary reports, the three cubs are healthy and a team of experts is keeping a close tab on them.
To monitor the activities of the tigress ‘Rambha’, the forest department installed CCTVs in her cage and surrounded areas. As per the CCTV footages, the Tigress gave birth to the first cub at 6:30 pm, second at 9.50 pm and the third at 11.58 pm on December 7.

Rambha was born at ‘Jaipur Zoo’ in August 2014. Doctors are checking her health conditions from time to time. Earlier, Rambha had given birth to two cubs in February this year. Doctors said that the cubs were born dead.

The forest team is keeping a close watch CCTV cameras on Rambha and her newly born. They are away from any human interaction right now. Medical teams are checking the health conditions of Rambha and her cubs time to time.

With the newly born cubs, the number of tigers has increased to seven at the Nahargarh Biological Park including a white tiger couple, the duo ‘Rambha’ and ‘Nahar’ with their three cubs.

The forest and wildlife department in Rajasthan has already introduced lion safari at Nahargarh Biological Park.

Now that there are seven tigers in the park, the authorities are planning to introduce a tiger safari also. It would be first tiger safari in Jaipur if the plans materialize.

First published: December 10, 2018
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