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Another tigress dies in Nahargarh Biological Park

September 20, 2019, 12:04 pm

nahargarh biological park in jaipur

nahargarh biological park in jaipur. File Photo

Jaipur: A Nahargath Biological Park tigress – popularly known as ‘Sujain’ – died on Thursday. The tigress had been brought to Jaipur from Junagadh Zoo nearly two months ago. With Sujain’s death, the prospects of increasing the tiger population in the park have suffered a major jolt. While the park authorities said that the tigress was sick since she was brought to Jaipur, there were allegations of negligence in her treatment.

Sujain is the second tigress to die at Nahargarh in the past two years. In January 2018, tigress – Tejika – had died.

Sources said that Sujain was brought to Jaipur for the purpose of breeding. The park authorities were planning to relocate a tiger from Jodhpur.

“The tigress was suffering from paralysis. We had sought medical help from Bareilly also, but the tigress’s health kept deteriorating since she was brought from Junagadh. A postmortem examination will be conducted,” said a senior officer at Nahargarh Biological Park.

However, wildlife activists are crying foul and accusing park authorities of negligence in treatment. They said when the tigress was brought to the park the Junagadh zoo authorities issued a medical certificate. She was relocated because she was in good health. Now the Nahargarh officials were trying to cover up their negligence by saying that she died of prolonged illness.

First published: September 20, 2019