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Another Jaipur boy draws ‘Blue Whale’ on his hand with a knife

The incident took place in a private school in Dhabas in Jaipur district.

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February 1, 2018, 2:58 pm

blue whale challenge

Blue Whale Challenge. Representative Image.

Jaipur: The blue whale game which has proved to be life-threating for innocent children had trapped yet one more student in Jaipur district. The boy whose identity was withheld by the police ran a blade between his wrist and elbow, which resulted in several wounds.

The police are investigating if the child was drawing a blue whale with a knief.

This incident took place in a private school in Karani Vihar where injury makrs were found on the hands of 2-3 children. The alarmed teachers informed the family members.

“The parents of two of the children said that the injuries were caused by a pet. We are investigation what what caused them on the third child,” said a Karani Vihar police officer.

There were reports that 2-3 students r downloaded the Blue Whale challenge on their android phones.

Due to the rising influence of deadly online game Blue Whale in Rajasthan, director general of police (DGP) Ajit Singh has issued guidelines to police departments in all districts to take help of schools and self-help organizations in setting up awareness camps to stop the menace.

Jodhpur’s Rajiv Gandhi Nagar and Jaipur’s Karni Vihar had reported two cases of Blue Whale game recently. On August 25, Jaipur police rescued a Jaipur boy from Mumbai. The teenager fled from his home, reached Mumbai and bought a knife so that he could complete a challenge of Blue Whale game. Similarly, a girl student of class 10 attempted suicide twice within 24 hours of jumping off a cliff near Mandore in Jodhpur to complete the last stage of deadly ‘Blue Whale’ challenge.

The blue whale challenge is a suicide game, wherein a curator gives the participant a task each day. There are believed to be 50 such tasks, the last one is to take one’s own life.

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First published: September 7, 2017