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Anneo Biotech’s new tech boosts farming; MD Vasanth JB aims for sustainability

The company's biofertilizers and seed varieties are stepping up food production, boosting crop yields, and enhancing soil fertility

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June 21, 2023, 9:56 pm

Anneo Biotech founder

Anneo Biotech MD Vasanth JB

JAIPUR: In a transformative approach to agriculture, Anneo Biotech, a pioneer in India’s biotechnology sector, is reshaping farming dynamics through advanced biotechnology solutions.

The company’s biofertilizers and seed varieties are stepping up food production, boosting crop yields, and enhancing soil fertility, all while minimizing environmental impact.

Speaking about Anneo Biotech’s mission, Vasanth JB, the Managing Director, said in an interview, “Our primary focus is to encourage sustainable and inclusive agricultural development. Given the growing population and its nutritional demands, it’s imperative to find innovative means to ensure access to high-quality food for all.”

Agriculture, the essential pillar for feeding the swelling global population, plays a fundamental role in sustainable growth and provides livelihoods for millions.

However, this sector is grappling with mounting challenges, including climate change, water scarcity, soil degradation, and pest invasions. With food demand predicted to rise along with population growth, adopting sustainable farming practices becomes even more critical.

Biotechnology has been pivotal in promoting sustainable agriculture, with genetic engineering enabling the production of pest-resistant crops that also have enhanced yield and quality.

Techniques such as gene editing and molecular breeding allow the creation of plants with beneficial traits, like drought tolerance or improved nutritional content.

“Biotechnology helps diminish crop losses, contributing to global food security. Moreover, it reduces reliance on harmful pesticides and chemical fertilizers, thereby preventing environmental degradation,” Vasanth JB added.

Biofertilizers, living microorganisms that boost plant growth through natural nutrient supply, are an eco-friendly alternative to their chemical counterparts. Anneo Biotech’s wide range of biofertilizers, now distributed across seven Indian states, are becoming indispensable tools for farmers looking to maximize their output and reduce costs.

By improving nutrient uptake efficiency, biofertilizers not only enhance plant vitality but also foster sustainable agricultural practices. This transformative approach delivers increased profitability for farmers, promotes global food security, and reduces environmental impact.

Anneo Biotech’s commitment to using biotechnology as a catalyst for positive change in the agricultural sector illustrates the potential for biotechnology to drive economic growth while benefiting society, said Vasanth JB.

First published: June 21, 2023