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Amagarh reserve to be new leopard safari destination in Jaipur

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May 6, 2022, 3:10 pm

leopard jhalana flora

Jhalana leopard Flora with her cubs.

Jaipur: With a view to capitalize on the growing popularity of wildlife tourism in Jaipur, the Rajasthan government is all set to introduce leopard safari at another wildlife destination of the city. As tourist footfall has increased at Jhalana – the first leopard safari in Jaipur, the government will now start the leopard safari at Amagarh reserve on May 22. Spread over 16 km, the reserve is located on the hills of Galta near Agra Road.

There are currently about 20 leopards in the reserve area. A 12 km-long safari track has been prepared by the forest department here. Seven water points have been built for wildlife animals including leopards where tourists will be able to spot leopards.

The inauguration of the leopard safari is proposed on the occasion of International Biological Biodiversity Day on May 22. Rajasthan chief minister Ashok Gehlot will be the chief guest. Forest department officials said that there are a large number of leopards in the Amagarh hills and adjoining forest area around Galta. The number of leopards has also increased in Jhalana. The new leopards are now going towards the Amagarh forest area to mark their territory. By introducing tourism in the area, the department aims to make it safer for the wild animals and collect revenue for the development of the area as a forest reserve.

The leopard population has increased in Jaipur. About 70 leopards are living in Jhalana, Amagarh and Nahargarh areas. Of these, more than 40 are in the Jhalana reserve. Due to the increasing population, incidents of leopards straying into residential areas have been reported. Nine incidents of leopards straying into residential colonies near Jhalana reserve and the nearby forest area have been reported in the past year.

First published: May 6, 2022