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Alwar by election 2018 final result: Karan Singh Yadav wins

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February 2, 2018, 6:40 pm

alwar election result

Alwar by-election results. Karan Singh Yadav Vs Jaswant Yadav.

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6.10 pm: Karan Singh Yadav of Congress defeated Jaswant Singh Yadav of BJP by a margin of 196,496 votes. Following is the final result:

Alwar election final result

Alwar election final result

5.22 pm: Counting of 99.35% votes have been completed. Karan Singh Yadav is leading by a margin of 1 lakh 95 thousand votes.

3.43 pm: Jaswant Singh Yadav of BJP accepted the defeat. He said that the party’s delay in declaring him as the candidate for the election cost him at least 1 lakh votes. He said, “I am taking the responsibility for defeat”. Karan Singh Yadav is now leading by 1 lakh 69 thousand votes.

Dr Karan Singh Yadav who is set to win from Alwar Lok Sabha constituency is a veteran politician in the state. He won parliamentary election from Alwar once and assembly elections from Behror twice.

3.24 pm: Karan Singh Yadav has taken a massive lead against his rival Jaswant Singh Yadav. The Congress candidate is leading by 156,000 votes now. His victory is now certain as 87% votes have been counted.

1.59 pm: 72.19% of votes have been counted. Dr Karan Singh Yadav is now leading by a margin of 1 lakh 20 thousand votes.

1.45 pm: 70.14% of the votes have been counted. Dr Karan Singh Yadav is leading by a margin of more than 1 lakh 18 thousand votes.

1.38 pm: Congress is leading by a margin of 1,11,209 votes. Dr Karan Singh Yadav has secured 407708 votes, while Dr Jaswant Singh Yadav of BJP has so far secured 296499 votes. The final results will come in soon as 68.87% of the votes have been counted.

1.25 pm: Karan Singh Yadav is now leading by a margin of 92120 votes.

12.56 pm: Congress lead is widening in Alwar. Karan Singh Yadav is now leading by almost 72,000 votes.

12.50 pm: In Tijara also, Congress is leading now by 1800 votes. 10 rounds of voting have been completed.

12.33 pm: 11 rounds of counting have been completed in Alwar rural area. Congress is leading by a margin of 17600 there.

12.03 pm: The margin of votes between Congress and BJP has gone up to 44,000. Congress is leading in most assembly constituencies.

After eight rounds of counting of votes, the results were:

Alwar live election result.

Alwar Live Election 2018 result.

12.02 pm: After nine rounds of counting of votes, BJP has secured 27489 votes in Behror, trailing behind Congress that has received 32652 votes.

11.50 am: After 10 rounds of counting of votes, Karan Singh Yadav of Congress is leading by 10477 votes in Alwarcity constituency.

11.46 am: In Ramgarh, Karan Singh Yadav of Congress is leading by a huge margin of 30,000 votes. Only two rounds of counting are yet to take place.

11.31 am: Congress president Sachin Pilot will address a press conference at PCC headquarters in Jaipur at 12.30 pm. Workers are shouting slogans for Pilot.

11.15 am: According to the official figures released by the Election Commission, Dr Karan Singh Yadav of Congress is leading by 39,246 votes after eight round of counting of votes. He has secured 172535 votes, while Jaswant Singh Yadav of BJP has secured 133289 votes.

10.57 am: Karan Singh Yadav of Congress is leading by almost 30,000 votes now. There will be 27 round of counting of votes.

10.53 am: In the fourth round, BJP managed the lead in Kishangarhbas. Jaswant Yadav of BJP has received 4120 votes, Congress received 3522 votes.

10.50 am: Former Rajasthan chief minister Ashok Gehlot said that the by election will be an eye opener for BJP as it will be wiped out in the assembly elections due later this year. Congress workers started celebrating at PCC office in Jaipur and shouted slogans for Sachin Pilot and Rahul Gandhi.

10.47 am: In Ramgarh, Congress has maintained the lead by 15,000 votes in the eighth round of counting.

10.41 am: Congress maintains its lead in Tijara even after the third round.

10.35 am: In Alwar city assembly constituency, Congress is leading by 5000 votes.

10.15 am: Congress is leading by 13,796 votes. Congress has received a total of 77359 votes and BJP 63590 votes. 2022 votes went with NOTA.

10.12 am: In the first round of counting, Congress is leading by 5841 votes. Congress received 29309 votes in the first round, BJP received 23468 votes.

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9.39 am: In Rajgarh-Laxmangarh, Congress is leading with 3837 votes. BJP has got 2860 votes in the first round.

9.35 am: In Alwar, Congress is leading by 7740 votes.

9.26 am: In Ramgarh, Congress is leading with 3096 votes, BJP has managed 3013 votes in the third round of counting.

9.22 am: In Mundawar, BJP is leading. In the first round, BJP has got 2706 votes, while Congress 2335 votes. In Alwar city, Congress is leading with 4143 votes. BJP has got 2187 votes. In the second round also, BJP is leading in Alwar city with 3285 votes. BJP has got 2986 votes.  In Tijara, BJP is leading with 4088 votes. Congress has far managed only 1376 votes.

9 am: Congress is leading in Behror constituency area by 700 votes in the first round of counting. BJP is leading in Mundawar.

8.42 am: 13 tables have been set up for the counting. Counting of votes for Ramgarh area is taking place in Room Number – 15. For Rajgarh-Laxmangarh, the counting is taking place in Room Number 130.

8.40 am: Congress is leading according to the early trends.

8.00 am: The counting of votes began at Government Arts College. Heavy security arrangements have been put in place around the college building. Senior police and administration officers including SP and district collector had inspected the building and the security arrangements on Wednesday.

Alwar Lok Sabha constituency reported a voter turnout of 62% on January 29. A total of 11 candidates were in fray. There were 18,27,936 voters.

BJP nominated Dr Jaswant Yadav as its candidate for Alwar parliamentary constituency. He took on Dr Karan Singh Yadav of Congress. Both are doctors and from Yadav community, a dominant caste in the constituency.

BJP and Congress played caste cards by fielding Yadav candidates. Jaswant Yadav and Karan Singh Yadav had fought an election against each-other about a decade ago. Jaswant Singh Yadav was an MLA from Behror constituency in Alwar.

Karan Singh Yadav was a cardiologist and the superintendent of SMS Hospital between 1998 and 2003. After he joined Congress, he won state assembly elections from Behror constituency and parliamentary elections from Alwar seat. The party nominated him believing that he had a strong grip on the electorate at the grassroots level in Alwar.

Jaswant Yadav kicked up a controversy when he allegedly made a communal remark when campaigning in a Muslim-dominated area. He was allegedly caught on camera saying that Hindus should vote for him and Muslims for Congress. The video went viral on social media channels.

Alwar had recently hogged headlines due to the violence in the name of cow vigilance. In April, cow vigilantes caught 15 people who were allegedly smuggling cows. Five of these alleged smugglers were thrashed. Of them, one, Pehlu Khan, died. The incident took place in Behror area from which Jawant Yadav is an MLA. Several other incidents of violence were also reported.

Of the total voters, almost 25% are from Yadav community in Alwar parliamentary constituency. There were two lakh Muslim voters.

First published: February 1, 2018