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Adil who was killed in Ramganj violence sustained 4 bullet injuries, PM report suggests

Adil was allegedly caught on CCTV pelting stones at policemen.

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February 1, 2018, 1:16 pm

ramganj riots

One man was killed in Ramganj firing.

Jaipur: Mohammed Adil who was killed in Ramganj violence was hit by four bullets, according to his postmortem report.  It is also noted in the report that there are four entry wounds for bullets on his chest while two marks were observed on his back. This indicates that two bullets would have pierced his chest. Sources claim that Adil was pelting stones at the police when this unfortunate incident happened. The incident has been captured on the CCTV camera located at Ramganj Chaupar.

The high vision cameras were connected to the Abhay High Command Center in the police control room. The command center helps the city police in conducting high-level surveillance and tracking.

The police have also been able to identify some people who are visible in the footage. This footage will be examined by FSL. Ramganj violence that happened on the night of September 8 kept the city tense for many days. This happened when a policeman allegedly tried to stop a motorcycle in Ramganj when the rider tried to escape.  The official then hit the pillion rider, who was taken to a police station. Soon after this hundreds of people gathered at the police station.

The police then tried to pacify them but to no avail. The mob damaged two dozen vehicles and set ablaze four others, including an ambulance and police bus. The mob also torched a power sub-station. There were also reports of stone pelting in some areas of the city and the police, as a preventive measure, had fired in the air to control the violent mob.

First published: October 2, 2017