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62-year-old doctor arrested in Sikar for conducting sex determination test

On average, he used to disclose the sex of the fetus to at least 100 women a month, said officials.

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February 1, 2018, 3:21 pm

dr prabodh kumar gupta sex determination

Dr Prabodh Kumar Gupta who was arrested for conducting sex determination test in Sikar.

Jaipur: A 62-year-old doctor was arrested in Sikar after he was caught red-handed conducting sex determination tests with a sonography machine. The doctor, identified as Prabodh Kumar Gupta, had been involved in illegal sex determination for the past at least eight years, officials said. He made a lot of money as he used to perform sex determination tests on nearly 100 women a month on average, they added.

He was arrested in a decoy operation conducted by the Rajasthan PCPNDT cell and Jhunjhunu district administration. Two women who used to bring pregnant women to the center were also arrested.

PCPNDT cell got a complaint on its helpline number ‘104’ that Prabodh Kumar Gupta Ultra Sonography Center in Sikar was involved in conducting sex determination tests. The complainant had approached some district and health department officials in person and informed them about this.

The complainant said that two women who were associated with government health services in Jhunjhunu would take pregnant women to the center.

It came up during preliminary investigation that Dr Prabodh Kumar Gupta started illegal sex determination shortly after he bought the sonography machine nearly nine years ago.

“After receiving the complaint, a decoy operation was carried out by the PCPNDT cell in coordination with Jhunjhunu district administration,” said Naveen Jain, director of National Health Mission.

Jhunjhunu district collector Dinesh Kumar Yadav said that the complainant was used as a decoy.

“A woman named Meena Gupta took Rs 30,000 from the complainant. She asked the complainant to meet another woman, identified as Neetu, at Peeru Singh Circle in Sikar. Meena told the complainant that Neetu would take her to the center for sex determination tests,” said the officer.

Prabodh Kumar Gupta was arrested after he was caught red-handed determining sex of fetus using the sonography machine.

It came up during investigation that Prabodh Kumar Gupta was not authorized to carry out sonography tests even in prescribed cases as the center was registered in the name of his son Dr Vishwas Gupta.

“We have come to know that Prabodh was involved in sex determination for the past at least eight years. He would conduct tests on at least 100 women per month. Half of the money would go to middlemen, while he used to keep the rest,” said the officer.

First published: August 31, 2017