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Top 5 skills to master to land a job in Jaipur during COVID-19 pandemic

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March 7, 2021, 8:23 pm

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As unemployment rate is rising, what skills you need to master to stand out from the crowd and get a job in these trying times, The PinkCity Post finds out.

Jaipur: Coronavirus has ravaged the economy with many sectors wrecked beyond repair. Fresh graduates seeking to find a job or those recently laid off now have a hard road ahead.  The PinkCityPost spoke to several placement agencies and HR executives in Jaipur to see what essential skills are required for you to tide over the crisis.

Emotional intelligence 

You may have noticed emotional intelligence as one of the requisite skills for employment. HR experts said that in trying times like these when projects are uncertain and work teams spread across different locations, the emotional intelligence is very important to get hired and advanced in the hierarchy. Emotional Intelligence includes ability to express lucidly, show control of emotions during decisive hours.  It is currently the most coveted quality sought by companies.

Lifelong learning

Many companies have been sending their employees to regular training camps to learn new skills to better adapt to the rising challenges in the marketplace. The problem remains that many employees struggle to learn new skills or show a reluctance to learn. With new online learning tools, companies expect you to be a self- learner, open to new skill sets and use them for innovations. “After coronavirus, no job or skill in itself is permanent due to rapid technological advancement, therefore it is important to learn new developments while honing one’s core skills,” said a placement guide.

Data learning

Data has become new oil that drives companies and fuel energy to seek newer pastures. It is basically an art of finding signals in noise. If you can earn to read and make the data, you can better make informed decisions while learning about new trends in the marketplace. Several learning courses are available online to help you get comfortable with data crunching.

Interpersonal skills

Effective communication is essential for the operation of any company. It has become all the more necessary in times like these when organisations have become more location agnostics and work and teams work from different places while working on the same project.

Tech skills 

Post-coronavirus workplace will require a single employee performing multiple tasks on different platforms. It is therefore very important to be as good on MS word as you are on PPT. Companies laid off several employees who were deployed at performing single tasks. The organisations now wish that employees quickly adapt to new technological trends to stay afloat.

“We have seen a definitive swift in the job market after the COVID-19 pandemic. The job seekers should prepare themselves for certain challenges to find new employment and to stay employed,” said the head of a major placement agency in Jaipur.

First published: March 7, 2021