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5 reasons Jaipur youths are struggling to get a job even as hiring freeze eases up

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March 11, 2021, 9:31 am


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Jaipur: The prolonged freeze on recruitments due to the COVID-19 situation continues to persist even in 2021, but it’s easing up to some extent. The pause on hiring hit the Jaipur’s graduates who have been biding their time to a stable job, even agreeing for a lesser pay.

The PinkCity Post spoke to several career guides to understand how long this ordeal may last, its reasons, and what graduates must do in the meantime.

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Jaipur students don’t have requisite skills

The job losses, and job scarcity is going to be an especially difficult terrain for students of Jaipur to traverse in coming days, “”Unlike other cities like Mumbai, Delhi and even Lucknow, colleges don’t insist on internships which deliver hands-on training. Engineering, pharmacy and finance students go on to complete their training without any industry training. This will not help anymore,” said Sandeep Trivedi, a career advisor.

He advised that people looking for a job should immediately look for apprenticeship, paid internships or diploma courses that could give them a much needed edge in employment.

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Lack of multidisciplinary approach

Rahul (name changed) was one of the few lucky ones who landed a job with a Noida based start-up in May last year. He can write codes, speak to clients and perform other tasks which include branding and sales pitch. “Companies want people who are not stuck to conventional norms of doing their job. People who want to get hired should make it very clear in their interviews that they will not shy away from performing other tasks,” he said.  Many career advisors agreed that students in Jaipur are not taught anything beyond their syllabus, due to which they lack other skills which are now most in need.

“”What if”” approach

The world of modern start-ups is based on principles of disruption and rapid change, which requires rethinking of conventional beliefs. Unlike Jaipur, every decent management, commerce, and engineering college organises an important seminar and conferences to keep students abreast of latest innovations and how they were brought about. “Unless you are willing to create something new and innovate, the modern workplace will forever keep you chained to run-of-the-mill jobs.

Lack of interpersonal skills

Every organisation functions on the effectiveness of communication. Ability to exude confidence and communicate lucidly to express one’s ideas is a foundation of the modern corporate world. Akshay  Agarwal, who works as a senior executive at a firm in New Delhi,said that when he had graduated from a college in Jaipur, he joined an English speaking course to hone his communication skills. “I lacked confidence, many companies sensed that during the interviews, but I decided to overcome it by improving my skills,” he said.

Lifelong learning

There is a reason why online courses are all in rage, from data analysts to certifications in Mandarin. Employees are expected to learn new skills to add into their arsenal of problem solving, and spot new trends as soon as they appear on the horizon. Many companies have carefully incentivised self-learning in a much better manner. “There are several people I know of who joined a company as an engineer and climbed up to the positing of executives after completing their MBA courses. Companies know how to spot zeal and drive. If you are someone who thinks that college was the end of learning, it would be impossible for you to survive,” Agarwal said.

First published: March 11, 2021