5 Best Weekend Gateways near Jaipur You Can Drive to from Delhi, Gurugram

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March 5, 2021, 4:15 pm

Nahargarh fort

Jaipur: Jaipur has long been a top tourist destination for people seeking some respite from the hustle and bustle of urban life during weekends. New Delhi-Jaipur national highway or NH-8 remains frantically active with cars from Gurgaon, Noida, and Delhi zipping into the city.

The number of tourists heading to Jaipur has only increased after being cooped indoors due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There are many who stay in Jaipur for a brief shopping spree and hit the highway again to explore places near Jaipur.

Here are the six top destinations that you can explore if you are looking for a weekend getaway near Jaipur:

Ranthambore National Park and Fort

Barely 3 hours away from Jaipur, Ranthambore remains the first choice for many Bollywood celebs too. The stunning beauty of Ranthambore and its heritage buildings have been attracting tourists from across the globe.

The much-famed safari rides are the first choice for many tourists to do during their brief visit. The thrill of spotting a tiger in the wilderness of Ranthmore’s jungles is an adventure of a lifetime. There are few places in India which offer a stunning view of wilderness as Ranthambore.  Bird watchers from across the globe visit here every year to capture beautiful birds in their full glory.

Ranthambore National park

Another tourist destination here includes the stunning Ranthambore Fort, the medieval era fort has been an ideal location for people who like photography.  Surwal Lake, Jogi Mahal, and Padam Lake are other top destinations that offer tranquillity, serene locations, and sightseeing. 


A 3-hour drive from Jaipur will take you to Pushkar. The city exudes energy, offers serene lakes and majestic alleys that are rare to find anywhere else in the state. Camel safari is a thrilling experience that attracts global tourism here. Every year motorcycle clubs from Delhi, Noida, and Chandigarh visit Pushkar.  The stunning view of the desert in the backdrop of a setting sun is a picture-perfect place for the weekend. Over the years, Pushkar has also become famous for its many cafés and restaurants. 



This small town in the Shekhawati region still remains a largely unexplored place near Jaipur. With its 18th and 19th century buildings and havelis, Mandawa is a place which offers a wide range of remarkable sightseeing.

The town boasts of an open-air art gallery, aesthetic buildings, paintings, murals, etc. Across India, students of art, architecture, and designs visit Mandawa to witness the stunning beauty of the town. The popular destinations here include Murmuria Haveli, Goenka Haveli, and Chokhani Haveli.


Sariska National Park

It is impossible to talk about tourism near Jaipur without the mention of Sariska National Park. Located in Alwar district, the tiger reserve is a home for several migratory birds. You can often spot wildlife photographers, waiting for hours just to capture a stunning bird. Apart from tigers and wildlife, tourists like to take some time out to visit and explore places like Kankawadi fort, a heritage place of historically important nestled in the jungle. The nearby Pandupol temple and its waterfall is especially liked by many tourists who are a regular visitor to Sariska.


Keoladeo National Park

Located in Bharatpur district near Jaipur, Keoladeo national is one of north India’s favorite destinations for bird watching. The quiet and serene wildlife offers a sense of calm that is value for money. Other destinations to check out include Lohagarh fort which offers a rare slice of Rajasthan’s history.

Keoladeo National Park

Have you been to any of these weekend gateways near Jaipur? If yes, share your experience in the comments:

First published: March 5, 2021